Rhymes For Our Times

Rhymes For Our Times
by Rickshaw

How can you expect to live?

If you only take, and you never give

What is it that you see?

That makes you think you’re better then me

Is it the way we dress or look?

Did you read something in a book?

Are you a man at all?

Or just another Neanderthal

Living just a primal role

Never stopping to pay the toll

Don’t forget, as you sew

So shall you reap

Life is a gift that you cannot keep

If you want to sleep tight

You have to treat the sheep right


I’m not exactly crazy

Can’t say I’m lazy

I see things you don’t

I do things you won’t

What makes you think, what you think?

What do you like to drink?

Do you know what to do?

Or are you waiting for Simon

Are you chasing life?

Or waiting for a diamond

Are you the dog or the ball?

Only you can make the call


Don’t need a ship to make a battle

Don’t need a snake to make a rattle

Don’t need a cow to make milk

Don’t need a spider to make silk

Don’t need wars to fuel our cars

Don’t need to spend money on exploring mars

Lots we have to do right here

Right here in our atmosphere

Lots of people making sin

Lots of people trying to win

Richard (a.k.a. Rickshaw) is a Canadian writer who recently completed his first book titled A JOURNEY BY RICKSHAW THROUGH THE CARNIVAL OF FLEAS, the first of a series of books of rhymes for the times. He would also eventually like to write for the music and television industry. Email Rickshaw at: rhymesforthetimes@yahoo.com Or visit his website.