Young Christians Seek Change for Miramichi

Young Christians Seek Change for Miramichi
Submitted By Organisers for Miramichi Fire

“The first signs of the impending disaster occurred in the late afternoon of October 7, 1825; reports of a massive column of smoke rising above the woods were issued. By seven o’clock that evening, flaming debris had been observed. The reports disagreed on the direction in which the flames travelled, and there were varying descriptions concerning dimensions, speed and duration of the forest fire. In addition, there were accounts of fires on the periphery of the main fire. It is not known for certain how many fires there actually were nor the amount of land that was burned. For the first 25 years after the fire, reports were generally in agreement that the area encompassed by the inferno was approximately 6 000 square miles, roughly one fifth of the province.”

(“The Miramichi Fire of 1825: Sifting through the Ashes at the National Library of Canada”;

Miramichi Fire

An event called Miramichi Fire will attempt to change trends on the Miramichi River. If the first Miramichi Fire affected so many, how many more can this one affect?

Essentially there are a group of young Christians who are looking for an alternative for young people in the area other than drinking and drugs. The small city has been plagued with teenage drinking, drug-use, deaths, and suicide and we would like to see a change in our city. The event itself is to be a kick-off event for several smaller ones to provide that alternative to trying to “sneak” into bars on a Saturday night, or simply getting “high” because there is nothing else to do.

Drinking and drug abuse is a problem with the youth of our area whether we as a city want to acknowledge it or not. Young people seem to be abusing these substances at a younger and younger age, some this year in our schools as young as 12 years old. The idea is to change the focus of these young people, to let them know that there is more to life, and provide them with an alternative to a “typical” Saturday night in Miramichi.

The event itself is Saturday, January 21st of 2006 at James M. Hill Theatre in Miramichi, and its goal is to gain awareness and gain support from the people and local churches of our area. This first night of “the Fire” is being seen as a jump-start to other events being held around the river this year.

This night will be an “explosive” night of worship followed by a message. To coincide with the great music, lights and sound will be a ‘stomp’ team, and drama team as well.

Doors open at 6pm and the free event begins at 7pm. We are currently hoping for 600+ people to attend. All are welcome. For more information visit our website at