Monthly Archives: December 2005

A Somewhat Seedy Affair

A Somewhat Seedy Affair by Bonnie Jarvis-Lowe Mother was a woman on a mission as she skirted ahead of me into the supermarket. She didn’t have to hurry, but that is a trait she has and she passed on to me. We have this crazy inclination to continually put ourselves in a “Hurry up and… Continue Reading

Irene’s Message From Houma

Irene’s Message From Houma   ——– Original Message ——– Subject:            (no subject) Date:    Wed, 7 Sep 2005 03:18:00 EDT From:   Irene Michel To:       Bread ‘n Molasses Hi Kellie, This is Irene from Houma, Louisiana, a city about 60 miles Southwest of New Orleans. My husband and I are older residents (86… Continue Reading

For the Children

For the Children Like everyone who saw this devastation unfold on CNN, Ashley was quite upset and she told her mother she wanted to do something to help. Her mother vowed to do anything she could to help her daughter take action and asked Ashley what she would like to receive, if she were a… Continue Reading

A South Louisiana Nightmare

A South Louisiana Nightmare by Lance Pitre Hurricane Katrina was being tracked by the National Weather service for weeks before it hit south Louisiana. I think it’s safe to say everyone in this area had an eye on the television to see what path Katrina would take. Everyone watched as the Category 1 hurricane walked… Continue Reading

Spiritual Gifts at Christmas

Spiritual Gifts at Christmas by Jeannine Watson Give a gift to a loved one who is no longer with you. Recite something wonderful in their memory at the Christmas dinner, share your memories of them—perhaps a talent or even a fault, nobody’s perfect. The greatest gift for someone who is no longer with us is to… Continue Reading

Keeping the Watch on Christmas Day

Keeping the Watch on Christmas Day by Bonnie Jarvis-Lowe I am a Registered Nurse, now retired, but the memories of special times and special patients will never be erased from my memory bank. This is one event I will never, ever forget.  When I prepared for work on Christmas Day in 1998, little did I… Continue Reading

Are you healthy or just not sick?

Are you healthy or just not sick? by Dr. Jason Plotsky Are you happy or just not sad? Are you full of energy or just not tired? Which would you rather be? Is there a difference between being healthy and just not sick? If you lack symptoms does that mean you are healthy? It’s a… Continue Reading

Third Letter to My Son

Third Letter to My Son by Ridgely Goldsborough Dear Linus, Wow! What a year it has been. If last year brought us hurricane Ivan who took our homes away, this year hailed Katrina. It will be hard for you to imagine 15 years from now when you read this letter that all of New Orleans… Continue Reading