What Defines Alone?

What Defines Alone?
by Jeannine Watson

People have many definitions of alone. I feel alone because I’m away from home. We have to remember what may feel lonely today, may not be tomorrow.

Close your eyes and relax. Alone is a feeling within, a feeling where everything seems hopeless. I feel alone. I’ve lost a loved one. Feeling alone sometimes is a natural feeling of life.

Being alone can also be educational, a treasured time to meditate, to recollect your thoughts, to plan where you are going, to see where you are now. It can be so peaceful, quality time for your conscience and wellbeing. Alone — Don’t be alarmed! Spending time alone now and again can be a great blessing.

How to describe it? Are we ever really alone? Our spirit is constantly with us . . . That is when we should revitalise it, let it be our guide. There is one thing we have to remember — always open a new door when one closes and bamboozles us into thinking we are all alone in the world. Life impatiently waits for us to continue. Life goes on.

If we feel alone all we need to do is notice our immediate surroundings and we will never feel that way again. There is always someone, somewhere, somehow, that we can love. There are always others much worse off than we are. Ask someone who has lived in sickness for years. They’d no doubt trade places with you. “Good health is your wealth.”

If you feel alone think of the ocean, and the strength in nature. Think of a sunset, a beautiful blanket of love upon us. Think of a sunrise, enlightening our lives with a precious new beginning. A summer breeze loves us, guides us. Flowers are God’s art, gifts of colour to put love in our hearts.

We are never alone. We have ourselves. We are somebody. If sometimes you feel alone remember this and you won’t be for long. Life is an amazing adventure. Spend time with yourself and enjoy it.

Jeannine Soucy Watson was born and raised in Grand Falls, New Brunswick. She has been writing for eight years, mostly poems and motivational material. Her poetry has appeared in La Cataracte and Victoria Star. An avid songwriter, two of Jeannine’s songs were published and recorded on a demo by Paramount Group Recording Studios in Nashville, Tennessee. Email Jeannine at wapoem@nb.sympatico.ca