What is Health?

What is Health?
by Dr. Jason Plotsky

Do healthy people develop cancer? Do healthy people suffer strokes? Those conditions can take months, years or even decades of body malfunction (disease) to develop. Are people really healthy the day before their cancer is diagnosed or their strokes occur? Of course not!

When a traditional M.D. declares you “healthy” what he/she is really saying is that you have no symptoms or abnormalities that their training can detect. That is why people can be declared “healthy” when they are in fact facing serious illness.

Too many people live their lives silently waiting for disease to seemingly “strike” out of nowhere. Must they live with years of body malfunction before the medical profession can diagnose a problem? Does it have to be that way?

People today are increasingly choosing another path. Instead of waiting for their health to deteriorate, getting a medical diagnosis and then intervening with drugs and surgery, they are choosing approaches to maintain and enhance their health.

People are exercising, eating better, exploring natural childbirth, breast-feeding using natural products, avoiding drugs, praying, meditating and turning to vitalist healing arts for their health care.

For example, a Doctor of Chiropractic will undoubtedly find spinal subluxations causing nerve pressure and communication blockages in “healthy” people developing cancer or “healthy” candidates for stroke. Subluxations are often painless and can cause mind/body dysfunction years before disease symptoms appear.

Are you functioning at your optimum? Do you have health — complete physical, mental and social well being? Anything less than optimal may be a warning sign of disease. Pay attention to the subtle signs of disease now; your body won’t have to use serious illness to get your attention later.

Don’t wait until symptoms appear to keep your body free of subluxations. Do it now so you’ll age healthfully and never grow old. Do it now so you’ll live free of physical and mental debilities and be active, full of energy, vitality, happiness and inspiration all of the days of your long and productive life.

Dr. Jason Plotsky

Dr. Jason Plotsky is co-founder of Nova Spinal Care Inc. The doctors at Nova Spinal Care utilize a gentle and precise procedure called NUCCA. This procedure focuses on correcting body imbalance and promoting optimal function of the spine and nervous system. To find out if NUCCA can help you, call (902) 444-6682 and book a consultation with one of the doctors. You can also find out more details about the clinic at www.novaspinalcare.ca