Bread ‘n Molasses Wants You

Bread ‘n Molasses Wants You

That’s right! We want you. Bread ‘n Molasses is looking for new and interesting content to inform and entertain our readers and we think you can help. Non-fiction or fiction, prose or poetry, artwork or graphic design, photograph or film, spoken word or music recording — if we can put it on the web, we want it!

Reveal your decorating, gardening, dating, fashion, beauty or hockey tips. Tell us about a favourite vacation, hobby or pet. Review a book or CD. Write a poem or short story. Make us laugh with a good joke or teach us about our history. Share your retirement plans, family traditions or memories of growing up in Atlantic Canada. Our interests stretch wide and far, the only rule is, “No bad news allowed!” If it’s fun, entertaining, humorous or educational and positive, send it to us!

If you know how to plan a fundraiser, apply for a grant, start a small business, build a house, publish a book, appraise an antique, knit a sweater, give a massage, trace your ancestry, make a candle, throw a party, lose weight, predict the weather, plan a vacation, take good photos, fix a bicycle, save money — no matter what you know, we think you should teach our readers how to do it too by writing an article.

While currently contributors aren’t paid, we can promise you all the fame and glory of being a published writer online including a link to your website and your contact information.

What are you waiting for? About 500 people drop by here everyday looking for the page with your name on it . . . don’t keep them waiting! Send your submission by email to