Monthly Archives: June 2005

NS Author Publishes First Book

NS Author Publishes First Book Harrison Wright Nova Scotia’s Gaspereau Press recently released Harrison Wright’s first book, Probing Minds, Salamander Girls and a Dog Named Sally. This is a meandering memoir of growing up along the back roads, orchards and hillsides of Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley. Harrison’s hardy sense of humour, love of adventure and… Continue Reading

NB Author Launches First Book of Fiction

NB Author Launches First Book of Fiction Cover photograph by Jo-Anne Elder. Earlier this spring, Fredericton’s Broken Jaw Press released Jo-Anne Elder’s first book of fiction, Postcards from Ex-Lovers. Jo-Anne was a finalist for the 2003 Governor General’s Literary Award for Translation for Tales from Dog Island: St. Pierre & Miquelon (Killick), a novel by… Continue Reading

Sparkly Shoes

Sparkly Shoes by Andrea Rennick    Oh, to be four years old, when magic is possible. When a pair of second-hand sparkling shoes causes such unabashed joy. You don’t know they cost two whole dollars, and if you did, you wouldn’t care. You don’t see the scuff on one toe, the designer label inside that… Continue Reading

New on DVD — The Aviator

New on DVD — The Aviator by Jennifer Keenan The Aviator The highly acclaimed film The Aviator was recently released on DVD. Under the superb direction of Martin Scorsese this film takes us back to the golden days of Hollywood and the early life of the legendary Howard Hughes. To say this is a great… Continue Reading

Inspirational Poems, Song and Prayer

Inspirational Poems, Song and Prayer by Jeannine Watson New Brunswick Our province is so very precious and special Often it makes you feel so proud! Makes you want to shout out loud! New Brunswick, our province so fair . . . I’m so happy, my life is there! It is our pride and amazing joy!!… Continue Reading