Sparkly Shoes

Sparkly Shoes
by Andrea Rennick 


Oh, to be four years old, when magic is possible. When a pair of second-hand sparkling shoes causes such unabashed joy. You don’t know they cost two whole
dollars, and if you did, you wouldn’t care. You don’t see the scuff on one toe, the designer label inside that Mommy would never dream of buying, even if she could
afford it. All you see is magic.

Sparkly shoes, matching your eyes. A click of the heels, and you can go anywhere. Just believe, you say, and you can fly. Magic, and possibilities.

Sparkly shoes and a ballerina skirt, and suddenly you are on stage, the crowd of parents and siblings clapping in adulation.

Sparkly shoes, a fancy dress, and a crown. A princess with your Daddy at your side, the King of your heart.

Sparkly shoes that Mommy has to remove from your feet, long after you’ve finally fallen asleep.

Oh, if we could all be four years old again. Just for a moment.

Andrea Rennick is a homeschooling mom of four children, ranging in age from 4 to 17. A sense of humour is a big part of dealing with the ins and outs of her day. She can also be found at her website, Reach her at