Inspirational Poems, Song and Prayer

Inspirational Poems, Song and Prayer
by Jeannine Watson

New Brunswick

Our province is so very precious and special

Often it makes you feel so proud!
Makes you want to shout out loud!
New Brunswick, our province so fair . . .
I’m so happy, my life is there!

It is our pride and amazing joy!!
There is much for our eyes to see and enjoy . . .
The rolling hillsides, oceans, rivers and lakes
They truly are something to love and celebrate!

The fields of perfumed clover,
strawberry fields all-over!
The fisherman at bay,
giving his all day-by-day . . .

The big rigs on the roads,
delivering goods by the loads…
The majestic sceneries, God’s art is aplenty,
Especially created for you and for me!

It is a place to be that makes our hearts often happy!!
Our precious province, “our needs” always a priority!
New Brunswick means freedom, peace,
and having the right to pursue all our dreams,

Thank you God for a most wonderful place to be . . .
Thank you God that we may live here safe and free!

The Many Colours of my World

Sometimes needlessly in my day . . .
I spend my time worrying away.
Thinking negatively about life.
My thoughts black lived in strife.
I find no happy songs to sing
No colourful beauty that life brings.

Then I kneel down and pray
My Lord Jesus shows me the way.
Rays of pure golden sunshine
Suddenly life’s marvellously divine.

Dearest sacred love of my soul.
Red roses you bring me, with love I hold . . .
Your kindness gently colours my life’s essence
Sweet deep pinks you’re my passion’s existence.

Colours blue and brown our children’s eyes.
Thank You God for all your wondrous sunrise.
Amazingly as I look up at the heavenly blue sky
Fluffy white clouds rolling by.
God spiritually reminding me
My soul’s religiously waiting for thee . . .

Magnificent colours of a rainbow.
My life’s angels at work, that I know . . .
Purples, blues, and pinks, miracle angels of love.
Guiding me, sweet messengers from above . . .

Red is my flaming heart on fire
filled with loves burning desire!
Bursting bright red-gold’s of new love found!
Spreading joy and laughter sweetly all-around . . .
Yellows “glows” of radiant happiness.
My loved ones content, such loveliness.

“Thy Holy God I Pray to You . . .
Always Beautifully Colour my World” . . .


Oh Good Morning, Oh New Day.

“Appreciating a New Day” . . .

Oh responsible days of toiling
You’re with me everyday . . .
Oh sacred miracle of existing
To bask in daylight day-by-day.

Oh quiet nights softly sleeping
A soul at rest, time for dreaming.
Replenishing life’s past of yesterdays
Peacefully reminiscing or regretting.

Oh sweet thoughts of a “New Tomorrow”
New exciting adventures to explore.
A wish to see a “Good Morning”
Once again a “New Day” forever more.

Oh spiritually Thy God . . . If Your will is to be that
I may once again awake, alive and healthy!
A brand “New Morning” is a blessing from above
Just to be . . . Lord I’m on bended knee!

Never will I needlessly carelessly complain,
as to see lovingly “A Brand New Day” . . .
Is the best gift to be thankful for, glory be
What else is needed for happiness in life everyday?

“Thank You Lord For All my New Tomorrows,
All my New Mornings and All my New Days”

Jeannine Soucy Watson was born and raised in Grand Falls, New Brunswick. She has been writing for eight years, mostly poems and motivational material. Her poetry has appeared in La Cataracte and Victoria Star. An avid songwriter, two of Jeannine’s songs were published and recorded on a demo by Paramount Group Recording Studios in Nashville, Tennessee. Email Jeannine at