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Rogersville Arena Fundraiser Update

Rogersville Arena Fundraiser Update In January we told you about a fundraising project in Rogersville, NB, to help renovate the local arena and add a high-tech ice-making machine. Months later, the fundraising continues and the group have now raised over $104,000. An updated financial report is available for download at the bottom of this page.… Continue Reading

Sizzling Grill Recipes for Summer

And finally after weeks and weeks of cloudy skies with a constant downpour, summer comes to the Maritimes in all its sunny, humid and mosquito-infested glory. Just in time to head out into the backyard, relax on the patio and put Grampie to work at the BBQ. There are a lot of reasons to get… Continue Reading

Little Bullied Billie

Little Bullied Billie by Denise McClure Her name is Wilhelmina but she prefers to be called “Billie.” Her first memory was when she was only two years old; Daddy’s hand came down on her – hard! She doesn’t remember what she did but assumes it was the reason he abandoned her and Momma. Billie also believes… Continue Reading

The Power of a Smile

The Power of a Smile by Ridgely Goldsborough A smile is a little curve that sets a lot of things straight and an inexpensive way to improve one’s looks. “What does that mean?” mused the wanderer. “If it’s impossible to hold onto negativity when smiling, then every time I smile, I engage in negativity eradication.… Continue Reading

Kids and Chiropractic

Kids and Chiropractic by Dr. Jason Plotsky Dr. Jason Plotsky Every child needs a healthy spinal column. The spinal column is the framework that supports us throughout our growing years and into adulthood. Remember the saying, “As the twig grows, so grows the tree.” Also of significant importance is the spine’s job of protecting the… Continue Reading

Reiki healing, just what is it anyway?

Reiki healing, just what is it anyway? by Dawn K. Donovan RMT, CRA Dawn Donovan RMT, CRA There is no doubt that Reiki has changed my life for the positive, forever! Ask my patients, and I’m sure they’d agree. Attaining Reiki Mastership has definitely made me a better healer, therapist and person. I am humbled… Continue Reading

New Best Western

New Best Western The world’s largest hotel chain opened a new location in Grand Falls, NB, earlier this spring. The Best Western Grand-Sault Hotel & Suites features 62 well-appointed guestrooms in a beautiful Victorian setting. Complete with indoor heated pool and hot tub, fitness centre, coin operated laundry services and pay-per-view movies, the facility also… Continue Reading

NB IT Firms Showcased in Maine

NB IT Firms Showcased in Maine “New Brunswick companies were in the thick of the action,” said Gordon Wilson, General Manager of Silicon East Inc. “Maine business showed serious interest in our products and services and many potential alliances are being formed.” This was the second gathering of the state’s innovative companies developing cutting-edge products… Continue Reading

Vacation Pay — Statutory Holiday

Vacation Pay — Statutory Holiday Fact Situation: Mary Jensen was employed by Nackawic Pulp Company as a professional engineer. She accepted an offer for earlier retirement and claimed that the defendant owed her money for days banked between 1970 and 1988 for hours worked on statutory holidays and weekends. She had the option to take… Continue Reading

You Cannot Do It Alone! Finding Your “Yoda”

You Cannot Do It Alone! Finding Your “Yoda” by Pegine Echevarria I literally wrote the book on women leaders being mentors in the lives of girls and women. I present to men’s groups, women’s groups, corporate groups and associations, sharing the benefits of being a mentor and finding a mentor, but today I have had… Continue Reading