What are you DOING with you?

What are you DOING with you?
by Pegine Echevarria

What is important in your life is not who you are, but rather it is what are you doing with you? If you want your staff or your team to grow and evolve, you need to be their role model. Have you asked the questions: “Where do I want to be within the next five years?” “Where do I want our division to be? My team to be? My family to be?” You may have done strategic planning and worked out the strategies and processes that your organisation will do to achieve your goals but have you asked yourself: “What do I need to do? How do I need to change to be more effective to reach my goals?”

I have been studying Thomas J. Stanley’s work. He is the author of The Millionaire Next Door and The Millionaire Mind. He states: “If you love what you are doing, your productivity will be high and your specific form of creative genius will emerge.” He goes on to share that millionaires plan their work and work their plan.

Most days I love what I do. Yet even though I love what I do, there are certain tasks that are not on my top ten list of favourite activities. Over time, and with my coach, I have developed a daily progress plan that enables me to plan my tasks and progressively move forward. This plan looks at key areas that I need to address each day:

1. Income producing activities

2. Physical health

3. Emotional health (relationships, self love)

4. Intellectual development

5. Fiscal accountability

By ensuring that I address each area every day, I know I am progressing and moving in the right direction. I may not be perfect but I am progressing. How about you?

Are you progressing? When you review where you were in January and where you are today, do you see progress? Or have you been dedicating your time to other endeavours: children, husband, wife, work and not paying attention to the quality of your life?

You may be saying, “But you don’t understand what my life is like.” I have been guilty of looking at other people’s lives and assuming they did not have the same issues as me. There is a saying, “Do not compare your insides with another’s outsides.” We all have challenges. Babies, toddlers, teens, husbands, wives, high pressure jobs, no jobs, home to care for, sick parents, meddling parents, bills, debt and the list goes on and on.

So what, in five years you will be five years older, circumstances will change and you will still be waiting for the right time to learn something new, prepare yourself for a promotion, open a business or learn to ride a motorcycle.

By focusing a little on the little tasks within the categories outlined above, in five years you will have a life and career beyond your wildest imagination.


Income-producing Activities

No matter what your current job is, you are responsible for creating income-producing activities. Remember your job is tied to the organisational objectives of your company. When your company meets their objective, revenue is increased and costs are decreased.

When was the last time you read your company’s mission statement or asked how your job aligns with the goals of the company? Ask and learn. Sit down with your boss and ask what tasks and objectives within your job description are key to meeting the organisation’s goals.

Then, on a daily basis plan your day towards increasing your effectiveness at work according to the organisation’s goals.

How is this an income-producing activity?

1. Your boss notices that you read the organisational objectives and are looking to support those objectives within your job responsibilities. You are one step ahead for a promotion or a raise.

2. When it is time to share your accomplishments with your manager, supervisor or boss you can prove that over time you have focused on organisational goals. You have integrity. You said what you wanted to do and followed through. You are one step ahead for a promotion or a raise.

3. During your work you have created processes and applications that helped you streamline your work thereby increasing your effectiveness. You share your processes and applications with your boss who in turn notices your increased productivity. She has others implement your processes and applications increasing their productivity, which in turns impact revenue and profits. You are one step ahead for a promotion or a raise.

In other words your income-producing activities increased your ability to earn more money through raises and/or promotions.

Kick-butt action:

Start small and start now.

Cut and paste this in a document and plan your tomorrow, today. Why wait? What action steps will you take tomorrow? Plan them today.

Income-Producing Activities (activities that will generate sales, a raise, a promotion)


Physical (an action that will make you stronger, healthier and more energetic)


Emotional (actions that will make you feel calm, or release you from anxiety/worry/fear, an action that will make you feel capable, worthwhile, loveable and/or confident)


Spiritual (an action that will connect you with God/Spirit/Universe/Higher Power)


Intellectual (actions that will cause you to stretch your mind — learn something new, read a book, work on a mind problem)


Fiscal (actions that take care of your fiscal well being such as balancing your checkbook, checking your credit report, logging your expenses and income, paying bills)


Thought of the Month:

“What you think of yourself changes by the actions you take. When you take positive actions, and begin to get positive results, you will think positively about yourself.” — Pegine Echevarria, MSW

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