Monthly Archives: May 2005

Volunteering at the Fredericton SPCA

Volunteering at the Fredericton SPCA by Mary Hill Louie I became an SPCA volunteer about two years ago, a few months after my husband and I adopted our cat Ashley from the shelter. Ashley was an adult cat, with a soft, plush grey coat and big green eyes. Now five years old, she is the… Continue Reading

When Lightning Strikes

When Lightning Strikes by Kellie Underhill When you were a kid did your parents ever do something really annoying or embarrassing? And when it happened, did you promise yourself that you’d NEVER do anything like that when you grew up? And now that you are an adult, (in physicality, if not spiritually) do you ever wonder… Continue Reading

Keeping Your Mind Tuned for Success

Keeping Your Mind Tuned for Success by Chris Widener Chris Widener Absolutely no one can underestimate the power of the mind and its role in our success! It is imperative to keep our minds right and on the right track if we are to achieve balanced success in our career, finances, health, emotions, relationships and… Continue Reading

Ask a Dietician

Ask a Dietician Question: If I use ground beef in a stew instead of beef stew cubes (to reduce cost) will the fat content be increased? To answer this question, I visited the Beef Information Centre and gathered some interesting information. Beef stew cubes can be pretty lean. Actually, all trimmed beef cuts, with the… Continue Reading

Enterprise Miramichi Launches Forestry and Metal Manufacturing Initiative

Enterprise Miramichi Launches Forestry and Metal Manufacturing Initiative A highly focused and dedicated strategy for the future is unfolding in the Miramichi region, driven by private industry and the new Forestry and Metal Manufacturing Committee of Enterprise Miramichi. At a recent news conference to announce the committee, Chair Doug Prebble said the Miramichi economy isn’t… Continue Reading

What are you DOING with you?

What are you DOING with you? by Pegine Echevarria What is important in your life is not who you are, but rather it is what are you doing with you? If you want your staff or your team to grow and evolve, you need to be their role model. Have you asked the questions: “Where… Continue Reading


Poetry by LeRoy Coffie Jr. Time Passes By   The sun rises The sun falls A little boy An old man The moon is full The stars shine brightly A little girl An old woman The clock ticks Tick tock. Tick tock. Seconds become Minutes become Hours become Days become Years become A lifetime A… Continue Reading

Miramichi Irish Rose Pageant

Miramichi Irish Rose Pageant by Tracey Robinson The 22nd Annual Irish Festival has some new events planned for 2005, one of which is the Miramichi Irish Rose pageant. “It’s been something we have been meaning to organise for some time now; it should prove to be a very exciting addition to the festival,” says Jerry… Continue Reading