Renewing Vows

Renewing Vows

1254-55 Couples join hands in Marriage Vow Renewal Service held as part of Valentine’s
Last month the United Pentecostal Church of Miramichi celebrated Valentine’s, the day of love, by hosting a Marriage Vow Renewal Service on Sunday, February 13th.

Couples celebrating from five to 51 years of matrimonial bliss marched down the church aisle once again to exchange and renew their wedding vows.

Pastor Brent Carter, accompanied by his wife Daphne, performed the service for the following couples and renewed their own vows as well:

Couples hug after renewing their wedding vows
Pastor Brent Carter and Daphne, 15 years

Ron and April Carroll, 15 years

Carl and Mavis Cable, 18 years

Jeremy and Tabitha McIntyre, 7 years

Robbie and Wanda Dunnett, 16 years

Ronnie and Stacy Kingston, 18years

Jeff and Pam Ferris, 10 years

Elroy and Olivera Sullivan, 26 years

Keith and Jamie MacDonald, 17 years

Alvin and Audrey Arbeau, 51 years

Vincent and Theresa Cable, 18 years

Darren and Allison Simmie, 5 years

Bennie and Joan Williston, 10 years

Charlie and Thelma Carter, 34 years

Edward and Joan Carter, 35 years

Tommy and Debbie McIntyre, 33 years

John and Myrtle Trowbridge, 42 years

Allison and Aileen Curtis, 40 years

Bob and Helen Dempsey, 34 years

Blair and Angela Williston, 11 years

Donald and Twila Shaw, 17 years

Murray and Davida MacDonald, 34 years

Warren and Eileen Carter, 33 years