Faster Than You Can Say “Website”

Faster Than You Can Say “Website”
by Conrad Toner

How important is a website for your business, community or organisation?

Think about this for a moment . . .

Everyone wants the best buy, no matter what. This means they are going to take time to shop and look at all the different types of items and then decide on the item they like the best. Then think about where else they could get that item. Can they get it cheaper? Where is the best quality? And can they buy a brand name?

You see we all like choice and we all like to make an informed decision on whom to buy products from or indeed whom we are going to choose to be our supplier.

My question to you is this:

How can your potential clients know about you and your services without you having to tell them?

Have you got a place where you can direct them so they can shop around and get to know you better and see what you offer, where you are from and how much you charge?

This is the very reason why having a website is an absolute must if you are going to cut it in business today.

Let me compare Business A with Business B.

Business A

Business A has a great business. When clients call he or she tells the customer about what they can offer and what the costs are.

“Do you have a website or any further information you can send me?” says the prospect.

“I do not have a website yet,” replies the business person.

“Could I have your email address, in case I have any questions?”

The business person then sends the prospective customer a card and brochure that will arrive in the next few days.

The brochure has no website address and has no email address on it.

Business B

Business B also has a great business. When clients call they tell them what they can offer and what the costs are.

They also get many inquiries from their website, as a lot of people are telling others about the site because it looks fabulous.

“Do you have a website or any further information you can send me?” says the prospect.

“I sure do, my website address is On that site you will find out all about us, our background, our clients, what products we have and how excited we are that you are considering buying from us. Our email address is part of our website so please take a look at our products and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have.”

“No problem,” replies the prospect.

The prospect can then log on immediately while in a buying mood, rather than wait for a week for a brochure to arrive by mail.

Now, which of these two businesses has the better chance of getting your business?

Without any doubt it will be Business B.

Image is important in business. Buyers want to know about you, your business and your staff.

It’s difficult to tell a client in this day and age that you don’t have a website or email address.

Research tells us that most buyers will not make a decision on whether to buy from a client until they have checked them out thoroughly. They will want to do some research on you and find out more about you and your business before they buy.

Your website is so important. It answers all the prospect’s questions. It can boost your confidence and business. It puts you on the busiest highway in the world, with a sales person that never sleeps. It levels the playing field between you and big business. If you’re not promoting your business online, you need to start today.

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