Rogersville Arena Fundraiser

Rogersville Arena Fundraiser
by Dirk P. Stewart

In the spring of 2004 the executive of Le Club Sportif de Rogersville Inc. launched a fundraiser to help renovate the local arena and add a high-tech ice-making machine. Eco-Ice is an energy efficient air-to-air exchange system that should lead to electricity savings of about 25%. These upgrades will ensure the future of the arena and community centre for another 25 to 30 years.

Eco-Ice units operate as an air exchanger/ air conditioner. When outside temperatures drop below minus 10 degrees Celsius the air conditioner unit turns off. The unit then relies on air exchange by exhausting the warming stale air and replacing it with fresh cold air from outside. This system is highly efficient in the consumption of electricity. With added insulation to the facility as a mandatory requirement of using the Eco-Ice machine, the unit is able to control humidity levels within the structure thus relieving the need to constantly replace peeling paint, cover up rusting metals and replace deteriorating wood.

The fundraiser itself has been doing quite well with more than $100,000 raised in the first six months. For a community the size of Rogersville, with a population of just over 3400, these figures are phenomenal. The target goal of $643,000 is broken down into two phases and four categories.

Phase One includes the purchase of the Eco-Air unit at a cost of $155,000. Phase Two includes the renovation of the structure with $35,000 allotted to reinforce the roof structure, $198,000 allotted to replace and insulate the roof and install insulation in the arena walls.

Replacing the boards and glass panels will cost $155,000. Miscellaneous purchases and alterations will need a further $100,000, for a total of $643,000.

To attain this money the Committee is targeting specific groups. The business community is targeted for $150,000 over five years. The general community is targeted for $75,000 over 18 months. Local organisations are being asked for $25,000 over 18 months and finally municipal, provincial and federal governments are being asked for a total of $400,000 to complete the project.

The Rogersville Arena is used as the centre for all community based activities such as festivals, dances, meetings and various other functions and school activities. It is the only facility in town that will hold more than 200 people.

In April 2004, the existing ice making plant broke down. This system should have been replaced eight years ago but the cost and installation of the new machine were well beyond the means of the association.

For the past year the Association has been studying the innovative Eco-Ice system and struck a deal to rent the unit for a six month trial period beginning in the 2004 and 2005 season. Since the Sports Association has the mandate of continuing to offer a Community Centre to the Rogersville area, the decision has also been made to make major renovations to the existing building and hope to have them completed over the next 18 months.

Le Club Sportif de Rogersville Inc. realises the businesses and industries that contribute to this project will expect to be recognised or acknowledged for their individual contributions. They will provide several incentives for those who make a contribution such as:

1. A donation of $100 – $500 will receive a Weekend Pass to the Brussels Sprout Festival.

2. All annual donations between $1000 – $2500 will receive a VIP Pass for one year to all functions at the Community Centre such as festivals, carnivals, tournaments and all hockey and Ringette games.

3. Those who pledge annual donations of more than $2500 will be invited to the Annual Banquet as well as receive a VIP Pass.

4. The name of each donor will be placed on the honour roll list in the Community Centre’s main room. Plaques will be recognised as follows:

Soft Maple for donations of $1000 – $4999
Birch for donations of $5000 – $14,999
Oak for donations of $15,000 – $24,999
Bird’s Eye Maple for donations of $25,000 and over.

If you would like to make a donation contact Louise Thebeau at the Caisse Populaire, 20 Boucher Street, Rogersville or telephone (506) 775-2387

Click here to download the 2004 Financial Report (In Microsoft Excel format)

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