New Brunswick Shriners Elect New Potentate

New Brunswick Shriners Elect New Potentate

Llewellyn W. Smith of Miramichi, New Brunswick is Illustrious Potentate for 2005

Shriners from all parts of New Brunswick gathered recently in Saint John and elected Llewellyn W. Smith of Miramichi as their Illustrious Potentate for the year 2005.

Illustrious Sir Smith has a long history with Luxor. He has held a number of positions within various organisations of the Masonic Order including President of the Miramichi Shrine Club and Secretary of the Luxor Shriners Past Masters Unit. Smith also volunteered with the Miramichi Senior Citizens Home serving as the Chairman of their finance committee.

Active in New Brunswick since 1902 and headquartered in Saint John, about 1,200 members belong to Luxor Shriners. They have been working with children who have neuromusculoskeletal conditions, burn injuries and spinal injuries for many years.

“It is a privilege to have been elected by my fellow Shriners to this position,” Smith said. “As a team, Luxor Shriners will continue to work diligently toward our most precious cause — the children. Together Shriners throughout New Brunswick will continue their long standing effort to ensure each child that requires our assistance will receive the absolute best care through our Shriners Hospitals at no cost to the child or the child’s family.”

Shriners sponsor 22 hospitals throughout North America and provide specialised care in orthopaedics, burns and spinal cord injuries. The Shriners hospital in Canada is located in Montreal. Luxor Shriners currently sponsor 650 children from New Brunswick for various treatments at the Montreal unit, an outreach clinic in Bathurst and other Shriners Hospitals.

“It takes 20 US dollars per second of every minute in the day to care for these children in our hospitals,” Smith said. “Our members play a very important role in providing the funds to ensure our children get the finest care available and at absolutely no cost to the family.

“Shriners give freely of their time to assist in the various fundraising activities we carry out each year throughout New Brunswick. Without their assistance our important work could not be accomplished.

“It has always been important to me to work hard for others and to support those who are in need. It is my goal to promote Shrinedom in 2005 and for Luxor Shriners to support as many children as humanly possible. My motto for 2005 is ‘Shriners — Where Children Come First.’

Smith and his wife Sylvia have two children and two grandchildren.