Business and Life are Adventures

Business and Life are Adventures
by Pegine Echevarria

Pegine Echevarria
Pegine Echevarria, MSW
Business and life aren’t journeys, they are adventures. The longer I am in business and the longer I live, I become aware that each day is not a meandering walk, but a true adventure. All of the reality shows on television can not compare with the highs, lows, fears and the exhilaration that go with living one day at a time. When searching for the definition of the word “journey,” I found the following in Webster’s dictionary: “journey — the act of travelling from one place to another.”

However, when I went online to define the word “adventure” I found the following definitions:

* A wild and exciting undertaking
* Take a risk in the hope of a favourable outcome.
* describes the genre of adventure stories as: “The adventure story is one that has to have something happen. There has to be action and conflict within this type of story.”

Yes, my life and being in business can definitely be described as an adventure, not a journey.

Being in business and living fully is a wild and exciting undertaking. For instance, hunting for business is as exciting and exasperating as being on a safari hunt (photo or otherwise). Sometimes you hit pay dirt, sometimes you don’t. Or, try figuring out what to have for dinner for five individualistic humans who can’t even agree on which pizza restaurant to order from. It is like being among hostile tribes. Talk about adventure!

Every day that I wake up I’m taking a risk in the hope of a favourable outcome. If I didn’t think that today is the day I would have a favourable outcome I would not take any action steps. If you don’t act as if today is the day for a favourable outcome, if you don’t have hope that something good will happen, then you have not noticed the favourable outcomes in your life. Those things that you receive every day, the blessings and gifts are part of the adventure.

I know it sounds mushy and gushy, but the truth is that when you live each day as though your life is an adventure the disappointments become part of that adventure, part of the thrill, rather than a condemnation of your life. You know that if you take the risk of taking action, something favourable can happen. Yes, bad things may happen in your life. However if you don’t take the risk nothing can happen, bad or GOOD. The saying goes “You have got to be in it to win it!”

We all live adventure stories, we each have action and conflict in our lives. We are human and sometimes our will, and our desire to have it our way, creates conflict in our lives. I know that I have lived with the stress and anxiety of economic downturns and upswings. I’ve lived through the melodramatic tragedies of my life that include alcoholism, drug addiction, violence, life threatening illnesses, and financial challenges. I’ve also lived through the successes and extraordinary miracles in my life, from babies being born, to awards received, to speaking on stages across the country impacting millions of lives.

We are not plodding people going from one place to another. We are adventurers, living life and dealing in business as it comes, taking the risk and hoping for a favourable outcome. How you choose to interact with your adventure is your choice.


Are you in a rut? Are you getting stressed out from the holidays? Is the end of year craziness getting you? Maybe you are ready to close the books on 2004 – even though you have less than a month to go.

I must admit that I have been known to go into a tailspin during this time of year. I review the numbers for the year. I balance my actual numbers against my goals for the year. Sometimes they are better sometimes they are not. More often there are some areas of great improvement and others areas, well let us just say there were challenges.

Over years of study and self-growth I’ve learned that – it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter what I did yesterday, what I sold, what I logged, who I spoke to. It doesn’t matter who I will speak to next week or next year. It doesn’t matter about the plans I have made. Some of them will work out and some of them will not. What does matter is right now.

Right now really is the only thing I can control. I can write you now or crawl into bed. I can smile that I am doing something I love or I can focus on what I have not been doing, or could be doing. I have been to both places. I have spent countless hours competing against other salespeople, being competitive against others – the only things that truly counts in the long run is what I did – not compared to anyone else – just me today.

I could THINK of doing lots of things and dream of doing lots of things, but it really is what I AM DOING NOW that counts.

My holiday wish for you is that you take this day only and live it as though this is the only day that counts. That what you DO today will be your legacy for today.

How will you lead your staff, TODAY? What will you tell them? How will you make a difference to them?

How will you communicate with your boss? What act of courage will you DO today? What have you seen, heard that will help the company or boss? How can you serve them today?

How will you impact your family? Not with toys, gifts or things but with YOU? What will you DO today? Will you sit with your teen in their room and just listen – not scold, or yell or give orders? Will you hold your middle school student and smile, maybe play ball with them when you get home? Will you call or write your mom, grandma or aunt and offer Holiday Greetings? With some of my relatives it is better for me to write than call. That’s okay.

Make your life an adventure. It is anyway. You can go screaming or you can go with joy. The second is better.

Kick-butt action:

How to prepare for your adventure.

1- Know the type of person you want to be during your adventure. Do you want to be grumpy or positive? Do you want to be serene or frantic? Clearly write how you want to be during your adventure. Then keep it in your wallet as a reminder. Be who you want to be.

2- Have your survival kit ready.
a. Paper and pen for journaling during the rough times and good times.
b. Time during the day to just contemplate and focus on the blessings and good things in your life today.
c. Books that make you think positive thoughts and seek positive self-growth.
d. Friends and loved ones who care about you. If you tend to isolate, part of your adventure to get out of yourself and reach out to others and serve them.
e. Work that serves others. Every job in this world is made to serve others. If you have lost how your work serves others then move on or figure out how to make it serve others.
f. Strengthen the five areas of your life – Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, Intellectual and Fiscal.

3- Decide that you will be a participant in your adventure. Choose the route, choose the partners and choose everything that you have. If you do not like what you chose make changes and choose again.

Thought of the Month:

“Be daring, take risks today with the hope that positive outcomes will follow! Live today with adventure, be adventurous in business, relationships and life.” — Pegine Echevarria, MSW

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