A Message to the Business Community of Miramichi

A Message to the Business Community of Miramichi
from Susan Robichaud

I could hardly sleep from the excitement of such a great turnout of entrepreneurs during our River Business Networking meeting on October 20th at Dooley’s (thank you Louis Ringuette for such great service).

I counted 38 entrepreneurs in attendance, 14 of which were new participants. Wow! It was also nice to see such a nice mix of business types, with a few similar type industry businesses such as web developers and marketing specialists.

Being part of this Networking initiative makes me proud to be an entrepreneur living in Miramichi.

I smile at one of the comments that was made — “Share and steal with pride.” Adding to this comment, I often tell my own clients that competition can be healthy. Not many businesses actually work in direct competition with each other and if you truly believe in yourself, your abilities and your product/service . . . You will succeed.

It’s during networking meetings such as our River Business Network that entrepreneurs who share the same vision find out they have different strengths that can produce a profitable partnership where each can achieve success sooner.

Our guest speaker for the evening was Terry Matchett of Mighty Miramichi. Along with his employee, Mark LeBelle, their message was clear and powerful: “Having a web site for your business, no matter what industry, is highly beneficial and best of all, can generate an extra flow of income.”

In my opinion, the best part of this presentation was: “How great would it be to come into work on Monday morning, click on your website, and see that a few thousand visitors have checked out your site during the last few weeks? And even better, during the last two days while achieving some much needed R&R, your sales amount has increased by a few hundred to a few thousand dollars . . . Wouldn’t that make for a great day?”

That’s just one example of some valuable information you can receive from networking.

We also had a product demonstration from Eric Mazerolle of Mazerik Technologies who showcased a few of his DVD products and gave a brief description of the solution his business can provide to not only business owners, but the general public as well.

So, if you are looking for that perfect corporate DVD product for your business or you are planning a wedding, Eric can help you to create a memorable DVD product that you will be happy to show to everyone.

In closing, thank you to all NEW River Business Network participants for supporting our business community. Let’s work together to continue the growth of this networking initiative so we can share successes, seek or give advice, and best of all encourage the community to shop at home.

November 17th, 2004, our next meeting will be held at Dooley’s in Newcastle from 5 to 7 p.m. It’s always the third Wednesday of every month, so mark this in your calendar and come join in this awesome networking opportunity.

For more information, please contact me, Susan Robichaud (Visual Image Communications Inc.) at 773-7768.