Love Affair

Love Affair
by Andrea Rennick

I recently started up again a long-term affair that I honestly thought was over.

I thought it was out of my system, I didn’t need it, I no longer needed an outside source to feel alive.

Oh, this is heady stuff. It makes my blood sing! A smile is crazily plastered on my face. I run around like an animal in springtime.

It had been far too long for my lover and I. Too, too long. Over two years, I think. Oh sure, occasionally it would nibble at my lips and tease me, but now I have finally turned my back on what was now, and gone the other way.

Yesterday, though, something happened. Something was said and all I wanted was that. I succumbed. Not only that, it happened at least three or four times. Today? Twice so far.

Mmmm . . . already I am thinking about later. Hot, wet thoughts. And so sweet. . . it is divine. The ritual, the comforting sameness, yet still the ability to be thrilling.

And Ron, you wonder? Why, today he came home from lunch and he knew. He could see it in my eyes. I bounded toward him and practically jumped him at the back door. So you think he would be sad, be brushed aside, but no — I can share, I can handle both.

Indeed, it certainly does make this so exciting. Why, we could even indulge together. Maybe this shocks you, but he has been part of the web longer than I. I don’t think I can type much longer, I need to go back and have some more. My breath is quickening, a smile plays at the edge of my lips just thinking about it.

I need to go to my love . . .

Go to the . . .


And make myself . . .

a cup of coffee.

Fully caffeinated.

And divine.

Ahhhh… such love knows no boundaries… mmmmmmm…

Excuse us, will you?

Andrea Rennick is a homeschooling mom of four children, ranging in age from 3 to 16. A sense of humour is a big part of dealing with the ins and outs of her day. She can also be found at her website, Reach her at