Entrepreneurs’ make Success Doing what they Enjoy

Entrepreneurs’ make Success Doing what they Enjoy
by Jacob & Sam Bouchard

One day last summer, my brother and I decided to buy my father’s old paintball markers. Now, we just needed a place to play. There was no paintball field in our town.

At this time, we were working for Mr. Conrad Toner. We decided to ask him if we could use some of his land to make a field. He said yes, so we started working on the field right away.

We found some old crates to use as barricades. They worked real well. The field was looking better and better. Soon, we were asking friends to come and play paintball with us. The word spread, and we had about four or five guys coming to play every weekend.

Some guys wanted to play but had no equipment. We talked to our father about ordering some paintball supplies for us. He agreed, but under certain conditions. We had to run this like a real business.

Our father loaned us some money to get started. We ordered some
paintball markers and masks, which we rented out. Because we started
late in the summer, things did not pick up until this spring.

We made the paintball field wider, and also added some big wooded spools
to hide behind. Now, the field looks great. We have a good group of
people coming to play paintball every weekend.

We ordered more paintball markers and masks to rent out. Now, we have 20
markers and masks available for rentals.

Since this spring, we had one major booking from a big company and also a large booking from a local business here in town. It has been great to see more and more people coming to play at a field.

Some had never tried paintball before, and came and had a great time. Running this business is teaching us valuable lessons in entrepreneurship. We are responsible for making sure everything is ready to go when people arrive to play. We have to keep the markers and masks in good shape and condition.

It takes about two hours to clean all the equipment after a game. It also takes time to keep the field nice and clean, and mowed. It is all worth it when people come to play on the field. We want it to be as nice as it can be, so they will want to come back again to play.

We would like to thank Mr. Conrad Toner for allowing us to use his land, which made it possible for us to make a field so we could play paintball. Also, we would like to thank our father and mother, who have been helping us along the way. It is great to play a sport we really enjoy, and also to see other people enjoy it as much as we do.

Jacob, aged 13, and Sam Bouchard, aged 11, are young entrepreneurs and brothers operating their own business in Grand Falls, New Brunswick. For more information visit Terminator Paintball on the Mighty Grand Falls website.