Soil and Water Conservation Field Day

Soil and Water Conservation Field Day

L-R: JL Daigle, Pat Toner, Chuck Everett, Hermel St Amand, Lionel Poitras

To make this activity possible the Eastern Canada Soil and Water Conservation Centre (ECSWCC) formed an organising committee in partnership with representatives from the New Brunswick Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Aquaculture, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, and stakeholders from the agricultural community.

“The main objective of the day is to inform the agricultural community and the public in general about innovative techniques for soil management, soil and water conservation, greenhouse effect mitigation, demonstrate specialised equipment, and have discussions on sustainable management of agricultural land and resource protection,” says Jean-Louis Daigle, ECSWCC Director.

The field day begins with an open house at the Eastern Canada Soil and Water Conservation Centre. The contribution of the agricultural sector and sustainable socio-economic development of the rural community will be underlined.

Hermel St Amand, Lionel Poitras, Jean-Louis Daigle
2nd Row L-R: Réjean Beaulieu, Pat Toner, Sylvie Lavoie, Gordon Fairchild

Guests are coming from every corner of the province to participate in the regional event. A farm equipment exhibit featuring over 30 information booths concerning agriculture and environment will be on display throughout the day in a potato storage building situated on the Lionel and Alyre Poitras Farm Ltd.

In the afternoon, a demonstration of various equipment and work techniques for soil conservation will take place on an eight-acre field close to the exhibition site.

A few guided tours on farms are also planned to demonstrate testing of different varieties of potatoes, environment friendly fertilisers, nitrogen management techniques in cereal, and residue management.

This event is possible thanks to a financial contribution from the New Brunswick Agricultural Council. The Council manages the Canadian Adaptation and Rural Development Fund from the federal government.