Her Clothes Closet

Her Clothes Closet
by Kellie Underhill

You search the department store for the perfect outfit to wear to church on Sunday . . . to an important business lunch on Monday . . . to the dance on Saturday night . . . or just because.  

After hours of combing the racks and trying things on you’re sweaty, tired and cranky, but you’ve finally got something that looks good and makes you feel great.

You’re ready to face the crowd and WOW them!

Sunday morning you waltz into church . . . you breeze into Monday’s lunch . . . you strut into the dance Saturday night . . . or you’re just out buying groceries.

And what is the very first thing you see —

Your great new outfit walking toward you on somebody else’s body.

Sound familiar?


One reason why customers flock to Her Clothes Closet on Miramichi’s Historic Water Street is because the selection is unique.

“When you only have one or two of a kind, you’re not going to meet yourself,” says Emily Hanscomb. “You’re not going to see yourself on the street or at functions.”

Since opening in 1998, Emily has built a solid reputation for providing quality personal service. Her attention to the little details has clients returning again and again. For instance, Emily makes a point to note where the clothing she sells is going to be worn.


“I keep in mind where that dress is going so I don’t sell the same dress to somebody else who is going to that particular function,” she says. “It’s a small thing to do, but it means a lot.”

Another part of her service that means a lot to customers is the after-hours personal fittings.


“If you’re a working girl, which most of my clientele is, you can’t be here during regular hours,” Emily says. “Then we’ll stay open after-hours or arrange a time when you can come in for personal fittings.”

It’s this commitment to personal service and quality products that has people coming from all over the province to shop at her store.


“Most of my clientele is local, but I have ladies coming now from Dalhousie, Saint John, Fredericton, Moncton — all over the province,” Emily says.

“I try to shop very carefully so I may offer something a little different,” she continues. “Or something that’s very classic, that you can wear today and ten years down the road it’s still a classic look.”


She estimates that 90% of the merchandise in her store is made in Canada including designs from Joseph Ribkoff, Glensport Travel, Koret, Conrad C, Seasons Casuals and more.  

Her Clothes Closet offers a wide range of ladies clothing, everything from black tie formal wear and Mother of the Bride, to business attire and casual including capris, shorts, t-shirts and swimwear.

“If the quality is not there, I won’t buy it,” Emily says, adding that the satisfaction of her customers is one of the most important things for her to guarantee. Nearly eight years have passed and the business continues to grow and do very well.

Her Clothes Closet located at 1745 Water Street is open Monday through Thursday 9am – 5pm, Friday 9am – 9pm, Saturday 9am – 5pm and closed on Sunday.

For more information or to arrange for a personal fitting telephone Emily at (506) 778-2595.

Kellie Underhill is the editor of Bread ‘n Molasses. Her writing credits include The Moncton Times-Transcript, The Brunswick Business Journal, The Atlantic Chamber Journal and The Reader magazine. Kellie is also the webmaster for the Writers’ Federation of New Brunswick website and the Editor of their quarterly newsletter, NB ink. Send comments about this article to editor@breadnmolasses.com.