Monthly Archives: July 2004

Grand Opening

Grand Opening Bonnie Cabel recently celebrated the grand opening of her new business Cabel’s Sewing & Repairs located on Cunard Street in the Historic Water Street Business District. Assisting Bonnie with her ribbon cutting were several members of the business community. Holding the ribbon from left to right are: Dale Crandall, Director Historic Water Street;… Continue Reading

Her Clothes Closet

Her Clothes Closet by Kellie Underhill You search the department store for the perfect outfit to wear to church on Sunday . . . to an important business lunch on Monday . . . to the dance on Saturday night . . . or just because.   After hours of combing the racks and trying things… Continue Reading

Diamond Drilling Commences

Diamond Drilling Commences SLAM Exploration Ltd. reported in previous updates that the airborne MegaTEM and airborne FTG (gravity) surveys have been completed as planned on its Bathurst Joint Venture (BJV) properties. SLAM and Noranda Inc. are 50/50 partners in the BJV. The BJV team has commenced the process of data synthesis, analysis and target prioritising… Continue Reading

Sitting at your Desk . . . Top

Data In, Data Out Sitting at your Desk . . . Top by Bill O’Kane, Alternative Business Systems Let’s log into the computer and take a look around. Logging in is either manual or automatic. In Windows 9X systems it is possible to just cancel the login and you will be presented with a default… Continue Reading

Soil and Water Conservation Field Day

Soil and Water Conservation Field Day To make this activity possible the Eastern Canada Soil and Water Conservation Centre (ECSWCC) formed an organising committee in partnership with representatives from the New Brunswick Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Aquaculture, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, and stakeholders from the agricultural community. “The main objective of the day is… Continue Reading

Museum in Danger Due to Lack of Funding

Museum in Danger Due to Lack of Funding The Miramichi Natural History Museum on Wellington Street in Chatham is facing difficult times and may have to close before celebrating its Centennial in 2009. Board Members of the association are making every effort to procure funding to keep the doors open. This funding is essential to… Continue Reading

A TV Household

A TV Household by Andrea Rennick Sometimes I worry about the TV watching in this household. You see, I grew up in the Golden Age of television — the seventies. There wasn’t a huge variety like there is today, but what there was, was good, despite the plaid bellbottoms. Now, we can have 102 channels… Continue Reading