Original Poetry

Original Poetry
By Joan Cripps


Grey coat and black cap
Dressed for all weather
Snow, rain or shine.
Singing your song,
As you fly along.

Moose Bird

You are a friendly chap
With your brown grey coat and cap.
You walk by my side,
As I sit in my chair.
Go about your business
As if I’m not there.
Friendly did I say
You are your own self
You have your own way.


You waddle across my lawn today.
I hope you are not here to stay.
You destroy all the trees,
As you eat and play.

Joan Cripps of Chatham, New Brunswick, is a frequent contributor to Bread ‘n Molasses. She’s also the founder of the Purple Hat Ladies Tea Society, a group she formed in 2001. Email Joan at rayjoanc@nbnet.nb.ca