Monthly Archives: May 2004

The River Business Network

The River Business Network Does anyone else but another entrepreneur really get what it’s like to be your own boss, take risks and seize business opportunities? In March of 2003, the CBDC Northumberland Inc. decided to go one step further to assist in the success of their new and former clients by creating an on-going… Continue Reading

Dear Editor,

Dear Editor, Hi! My name is Chelsey Buggie. I’m in grade 5 and the STOP fair is coming up. STOP fair is Student Talent On Parade (it’s like a Science Fair.) The Theme is Technology. I figured Technology is computers and computers have email and web pages. So, I made myself a web page and… Continue Reading

A Thousand Marbles

A Thousand Marbles by Jeffrey Davis, N9AVG I’m a Ham radio operator and spend some time working with radios and electronics. The older I get, the more I enjoy Saturday mornings. Perhaps it’s the quiet solitude that comes with being the first to rise, or maybe it’s the unbounded joy of not having to be… Continue Reading

Data Storage

Data In, Data Out Data Storage by Bill O’Kane, Alternative Business Systems Disk Drives are another part of the computer you will hear about. There are many types of drives but they are broken down into fixed and removable. The fixed drive is usually the hard drive on your computer. It is referred to as… Continue Reading

Why You Need A Web Site

Why You Need A Web Site by Edward Robirds “I have a small business with just a couple of employees and I don’t think my product can really be sold online. Do I need a web site?” In this day and time, there is very little that can’t be sold over the Internet. There are… Continue Reading

Ghost in the Machine

Data In, Data Out Ghost in the Machine by Bill O’Kane, Alternative Business Systems For all their elaborate circuitry, computers will not do much without their software. Software is the applications, processes or programs, which accomplish the tasks we wish to perform, whether it be balancing your check book or calculating Pi to the ten… Continue Reading

Ending Procrastination

Ending Procrastination by Jim Rohn Perseverance is about as important to achievement as gasoline is to driving a car. Sure, there will be times when you feel like you’re spinning your wheels, but you’ll always get out of the rut with genuine perseverance. Without it, you won’t even be able to start your engine. The… Continue Reading

Power up!

Data In, Data Out Power up! by Bill O’Kane, Alternative Business Systems As opposed to the Operating System (O/S) which is built to do many tasks well, application software is usually intended to do one particular task. The range of software applications available is astronomical and any task that is capable of being accomplished on… Continue Reading

When I Was a Young Lad

When I Was a Young Lad I Could Write a Book (Just to make you laugh!) A true story by Bobbie Cross My name is Frances (Bobbie) Leudy Cross. My life began in a small coal-mining town in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. The name of the town is New Waterford.  My first trauma took place… Continue Reading

Gaspereau Press Wins Three Alcuin Awards

Gaspereau Press Wins Three Alcuin Awards On April 27th, Gaspereau Press announced the recognition of its books in the Alcuin Society’s 22nd annual juried book design competition. Robert Bringhurst’s Ursa Major and Jan Zwicky’s Wisdom and Metaphor won first prize in the categories of poetry and non-fiction, respectively. J.J. Steinfeld’s Would You Hide Me? won… Continue Reading