Atlantic Canada Bursts onto World Stage with Silicon East

Atlantic Canada Bursts onto World Stage with Silicon East

Atlantic Canada is poised to enter the global market in a big way with the recent launching of a new organisation in Miramichi, New Brunswick.

Emphasizing partnership and co-operation, Silicon East, the former Shared Visions group, plans to help Atlantic Canada businesses expand into new markets through innovative strategic alliances and networking.

“We envision a future where the Atlantic Canadian Information Technology Industry is a major contributor to the global marketplace,” said David Stairs, president of Silicon East. “The infrastructure is in place. We believe by working together and forming new partnerships, Atlantic Canada will become the Business Technology Mecca of the East. Timing is critical. With the shift of business and community requirements, we felt the realignment of the former Shared Visions group was necessary. Now is the time for Silicon East.

One group caught up in this shift and experiencing tremendous growth is the Child Safety Research and Innovation Center (CSRIC), a non-profit organization that focuses on developing innovative safety and prevention initiatives for children.

In May, they will pilot their new child safety software, Sydney Safe-Seeker and the Incredible Journey Home, at a few elementary schools in District 16. This educational game teaches children street proofing skills and is the flagship product of a broad line of child safety initiatives that are all part of a 19-year effort by CSRIC founder, Allan McCullough, to protect children and save lives.

Sydney Safe-Seeker has been presented at the Canadian National Conference on Missing Children, the U.S. National Conference on Missing Children, and the U.S. Task Force on Missing Children. Leading authorities on missing children throughout North America support it.

Another member of Silicon East enjoying success is INM Group. Only four months after rolling out their unique community web portal management system, INM Group just announced the launch of another Mighty Community.

Mighty Grand Falls joins the highly successful Mighty Miramichi online community portal as INM Group continues to provide the final mile solution by focusing on a sustainable community model building from the bottom up.

Joining the ranks of Silicon East is a young energetic company called Fatkat Animation Studios. Fatkat is a full service animation studio specializing in commercial design, television programming and training & development solutions.

Gene Fowler, president of Fatkat Animation Studios, relocated his business from Halifax to Miramichi in order to capitalize on the resources that exist within the area.

Current projects for Fatkat include New Brunswick’s first animated series, And Yet I Blame Hollywood, which airs on CBC. Other commercial clients include Magic Mountain, the RCMP, Heritage Salmon, Dooly’s, Diane Huestis & Associates, Incline Sports, Canadian Innovation Centre, Major Sports and Heritage Gas.

Silicon East is a commercial non-for-profit organisation that promises to provide services to associates such as project management, brokerage, consulting and marketing. Their head office is located in Miramichi, New Brunswick.