Monthly Archives: March 2004

Wilson’s Point awarded $215,000 from federal agency

Wilson’s Point awarded $215,000 from federal agency The foundations of an 18th century Presbyterian church, built by the area’s first Scottish settlers, will form the cornerstone for the redevelopment of Wilson’s Point. A church replica will be built over the foundation, which will house an interpretive museum. This project, undertaken by the Scottish Heritage Association… Continue Reading

The Wee Ones Honoured with Award

The Wee Ones Honoured with Award A young trio of local entrepreneurs received a Tourism Achievement Award celebrating their dedication in promoting Miramichi multiculturalism.  André Léger of the Tourism Industry Association of New Brunswick (TIANB) presented the award to The Wee Ones on behalf of the Miramichi Region Tourism Association (MRTA) at a general meeting… Continue Reading

Tax Tips

Tax Tips Some changes regarding personal and business income taxes for the year 2003. For Persons working in the transportation industry When claiming meals on the TL2 form the amount you can claim has been increases from $11 to $15 per meal. For those incurring expenses in the USA, the maximum limit has been increased… Continue Reading

Positive Outlook for Tourism in Miramichi Region

Positive Outlook for Tourism in Miramichi Region The Miramichi Region Tourism Association (MRTA) says the future of tourism in Miramichi looks bright. “There is a lot of great news in the tourism industry coming out of the Miramichi region as a result of communities and operators forming partnerships and working together,” said Terry Matchett, MRTA… Continue Reading

What’s Happening?

What’s Happening? by Kellie Underhill Bread ‘n Molasses celebrates one year of publication this issue and we thought it would be fun to take a look back at some of your favourite stories and see what has happened since we first published them. In our very first issue we introduced you to Miramichi author, Larry… Continue Reading

We Have Winners!

We Have Winners! A few months ago we announced a contest — a contest like no other, open to everyone regardless of age, preferred medium or location. Entries trickled in slowly around the Christmas season, so we extended our deadline and clapped our hands in glee as entries poured in from all over North America.… Continue Reading

Lost in Movies

Lost in Movies by Esther Nye We go to the movies for a variety of reasons. For some, to get away from the “kids” / parents. For others, it’s the only chance to get close to that special someone. And for still others, it’s just an evening out. We all want to be entertained, whether… Continue Reading

New Release from Gaspereau Press

New Release from Gaspereau Press In twelve long poems, spanning January through December, David Helwig combines the gradually changing seasons with daily goings-on and memories. The Year One charts 12 months populated with birds, Shakespeare, kitchen utensils, foliage, slugs, dead poets, neighbours, weather and friends. He incorporates snatches of song, plays, dialogue and onomatopoeia to… Continue Reading