Documenting Civilization

Documenting Civilization
By DP Stewart

Civilization of North America has been documented and authenticated to have started in the now Province of Newfoundland at Port Au Choix. The Maritime Archaic Indian site of Philips Garden was found there. It was documented as being established there 7000 years ago.

For 2700 years time passed slowly and then, Norsemen arrived at Lanse aux Meadows. 4300 years ago, Lief Erickson’s Viking Sagas landed him there. One generation later, they were gone.

Was this Vinland? Many believe so.

Some believe we here in Miramichi, may someday prove this wrong.

The Augustine Mound also is to a very high degree of importance in the authentication of North American History.

Barnaby Island or what is referred to now as Beaubears very well may someday be a very important area to those attempting to prove the Vinland’s actual location.

Other Miramichi Islands will also prove their importance such as Bartibog Island and the cluster of Bay Du Vin, Egg, Fox and Portage Islands.

Documented history to date shows many used these Islands including Basque fisherman and whale hunters along with the French and eventually English and other Europeans.

With the daily uploading of information to the World Wide Web and the availability of publicly accessible information, documentation and authentication processes have grown in leaps and bounds. Only truly authenticated and documented information is deemed useful to researchers. Some will attempt to discredit, some will attempt to correct, but many will read it later, so factual accounts are a must.

Beaubears Island should be handled with care; interpretation of the Island’s History should be left to words. The pristine natural beauty of the pines will whisper the voices of time; with the spirit rustling in the needles of conifer the story is spoken gently.

Looking across to Wilson’s Point on a sunny day with the breeze a spirit voice, listen to the story and in your imagination, the interpretation provided by the well-informed costumed guides fresh in your mind, enjoy! Tranquillity is provided on this Island, why would you want to attempt on improving that?

Dirk P Stewart is a multitalented Miramichier. A singer, songwriter, musician, folklorist, entrepreneur and more, Dirk owns and operates, a cultural website devoted to the promotion of education, art and culture of Maritime people, specifically their unique culture, literature and blend of music. To comment on this article email