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Poem by Myrna Beth Lambert

Dream Catcher, Dream Catcher Dream catcher, dream catcher, catch my dark and spooky dreams. Trap the bad ones in your web Of woven wood and feathered streams. Dream catcher I believe in you As did the Indians long ago I know there’s magic in your circle. Through the center good dreams flow. As you hang… Continue Reading

A Poem by Annabel Sheila

Matilda the Nearsighted Frog She searched the pond for her one true love But the water was murky and deep Tadpoles and minnows taunted her While from lily pad to lily pad she leaped! Matilda was a quite homely frog Huge warts all over the place To make things worse she had very bad eyes… Continue Reading

Celebrating National Poetry Month 2013!

LAUNDRY DAY We sat at the picnic table across the road for lunch– partridge berry jam with buttery scones tea hot with a bit of milk bakeapple pies with melt-in-your mouth pastry. Over there at the white sided house with the green roof, five pairs of denim jeans dark and lean blew in the wind… Continue Reading

The Gift, a Poem by Elizabeth Copeland

THE GIFT The gift came not as I thought it would – wrapped in pink cellophane, yellow ribbons streaming, a chorus of glory hallelujahs ringing out. The gift came not as I hoped it would – clarity streaming in like cold spring water, bottled and guaranteed to provide easy enlightenment. The gift came instead wrapped… Continue Reading

On the Eighth Day of Christmas …

A Poem by Jules Keenan Christmas snow capped treetops fill the now ever so elegant winter wonderland of a forest hiding in your backyard Pine tree branches hanging low create little hideaways for children with only the best imaginations to seek and find while children play in their own secret world parents go to work… Continue Reading

Peace & Love, A Poem by Paula Grattan

Peace & Love Anger surrounds me Frustration too so clear Indifference, Indifference Drowning in Indifference Why don’t they care? Shouldn’t they care? I do, I do Will you care with me? Friend come with me Hold my hand We’ll walk through a field Look at the beauty around us Friend come with me Hold my… Continue Reading

Blackville Childhood Memories

by Pat Fournier Dedicated with love to my big sister, Katherine, who led many of our childhood games, and thus helped create these memories. Remember … As I look back on the life I’ve lived through to this point in time, Fondest memories are of my childhood, and they are treasures in my mind. And… Continue Reading

Summer – A Poem by Anna Sturgeon

Summer What does Summer mean? It’s not just seeing stuff you’ve already seen. It’s about getting away from School And cooling off in the pool. And all the memories you will make While on the barbeque lays some steak. So what does Summer mean? Well it’s all the things you’d ever dream. — Anna Sturgeon,… Continue Reading

Call for Summer Submissions

Steaks on the BBQ … splashing in the pool … bonfires on the beach … hiking, biking, boating, camping, concerts, festivals, patio parties with family and friends … ice cream cones … Is there anything better than a New Brunswick summer? We think not! Summer is in full swing in New Brunswick and Bread ‘n… Continue Reading