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Call for Father’s Day Submissions

Father’s Day is coming right up on June 17th and Bread ‘n Molasses is gearing up to explore our relationships with those special men in our lives —fathers! Have you written a short piece of fiction that celebrates fatherhood or perhaps explores the complex relationship between a father and child? Or maybe you have some… Continue Reading

Grammie’s Back

Grammie’s Back by Kellie Underhill When I was a kid I would often go and stay all night or even a week at my grandparent’s house in Gray Rapids. This was my exotic summer vacation on the farm. The kitchen seemed really big to me then, though it must have only seemed that way because… Continue Reading

Mom’s Last Visit to the Dentist

By Pauline Underhill One Saturday night in early July 2004 I went over to stay with Mom and Dad. It was a beautiful summer evening and I remember how bad I felt having to spend it inside instead of home on the deck (just a little of the guilt I feel now). Anyway, for about… Continue Reading

Lessons My Mother Taught Me

by Stacy Underhill “Never put off until tomorrow, what you can do today.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this growing up, and it still rings true to me today. Some nights when I’m tempted to leave the sink full of dishes or leave a project incomplete and say, “I’ll finish that… Continue Reading

The Thrill Of The Catch

by Lura Somers Atlantic Salmon fishing is a big event on the Miramichi. Every year fishermen come from all over North America to fish and enjoy the river. Growing up in the area, I was vaguely aware of this taking place every spring, but it never occurred to me that I too, could become an… Continue Reading

3rd Day of Christmas: My Mr. Claus

My Mr. Claus by Kim Drisdelle As I search through my boxes to gather up Christmas ornaments, I slip back in time. I find myself thinking about the many sacrifices my parents, like many parents, make for their children during this ever so meaningful time of year. Over the years, Santa has become the human… Continue Reading

Call for Submissions

The literary journal ellipse is calling for submissions for a special edition to be published in the spring of 2012, to mark Northrop Frye’s centenary year. Poems, stories, and essays are welcome, in English or in French. Stories and essays should be 4,000 words maximum. Contributions do not necessarily have to be directly influenced or… Continue Reading

Parkinson's Strikes All Ages

My Battle with Parkinson’s By Ryan, age 32, NB It is 4:30 in the morning and I can’t sleep. Tonight is worse than usual. Most nights I can piece together probably four to six hours of actual sleep in between moments of discomfort. During these times, I have to get up to walk around to… Continue Reading

The Blarney Stone — Myth or Legend?

A Touch of Blarney By Frederick (Ben) Rodgers Many readers will dismiss this story as mere coincidence, but those of you with a touch of Irish may well believe it, as do I. In the summer of 1962 in Plymouth, England I was serving aboard the Royal Navy submarine HM/SM Taciturn. On weekend leave I… Continue Reading