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On the Twelfth Day of Christmas …

A Photographic Memory by Kellie Underhill A few years ago I watched a film called Fathers and Sons. It’s well worth watching if you haven’t seen it. The characters say things we all think, and then wonder if anybody else thinks that way too. So many parts stuck with me, brought me to tears, inspired… Continue Reading

Out from Under My Feet

by Neil Sampson To some, this is going to come across as sour grapes. Guess you’re free to think what you want, but I’ll tell you right now – it ain’t so. I’ve eaten no fruit from that creeping, sordid vine, though I will admit to sensing a slight aftertaste, the origin of which presently… Continue Reading

The Paper Cup Diaries

by Paula Grattan Yesterday, as I sat in the shadows of a grand oak tree, I noticed a crushed paper cup twisting in the wind, partnered with dirt and dust swirling in a mini tornado across the walkway. watched it from afar, wondering where that paper cup had been, whose lips it had touched, whose… Continue Reading

Tea with Mrs. Park

by Rhonda Herrington Bulmer We had been visiting there for a couple of hours, Mom, my sister, my brother and I. Mom had brought us next door to chat with Mrs. Park. I stared out her picture window in the front room and saw that it was sunny and warm and there wasn’t much wind—an… Continue Reading

Lesson Learned

by Doug Dolan The summer he conscripted me into his labour force of two my dad was 51 and I was 18. I was no stranger to hard work having been raised in a household where a vague quote from St. Paul was often cited, going something like, “No work, no supper”. I was tempted… Continue Reading

Call for Summer Submissions

Steaks on the BBQ … splashing in the pool … bonfires on the beach … hiking, biking, boating, camping, concerts, festivals, patio parties with family and friends … ice cream cones … Is there anything better than a New Brunswick summer? We think not! Summer is in full swing in New Brunswick and Bread ‘n… Continue Reading

The Tradition of Change

By Cindy Rule A couple years ago I wrote an article for Bread ‘n Molasses about a tradition in our family. Some of you may recall the story of my daughter, her Canada Day dress and a picture. For those of you who are not familiar with the tale, Sorcha was given a dress decked… Continue Reading

Hair Club for Sons

by Bill Levine “What’s wrong with your hair? It’s all sticking up,” my nonagenarian dad impolitely enquires from his living room recliner; this non sequitur interrupting a conversation on the Red Sox and the number of my Bar Mitzvah guests still living. “Nothing’s wrong,” I say, stretching the truth a little, since actually my bald… Continue Reading

My Dad

by Sherry Sturgeon My first crush was on my dad. I thought he was the strongest, funniest, most hard working man around. Sure, he was stern at times when I was growing up. And yes, there were days I would almost be afraid of him and any punishment I might be due; but as quick… Continue Reading

My Father’s Birth into Eternity

by Elizabeth Glenn-Copeland My father left this world with a grace he rarely exhibited when living. Oh, I’m not talking about how it was for him after the stroke, as he lay on a hospital bed for days on end, with all manner of tubes sticking out of his body. That was not graceful. Nor… Continue Reading