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Miramichi Memories

Miramichi Memories by Mary Mondoux My mom and I often took the train to visit her parents Lee and Inez Buckley in Newcastle, NB. We would take the Rapido from Toronto to Montreal and make the run for the connection to the train to her home town. Most times the seats on our trains converted… Continue Reading

Walk of Hope in Miramichi

The Walk of Hope We have all experienced a low in our lives at one time or other. Some of us bounce back; however there are others who need support and assistance to regain self-esteem and self–confidence. Did you know that one in five people will suffer some type of mental illness in their lifetime?… Continue Reading

3rd Day of Christmas: My Mr. Claus

My Mr. Claus by Kim Drisdelle As I search through my boxes to gather up Christmas ornaments, I slip back in time. I find myself thinking about the many sacrifices my parents, like many parents, make for their children during this ever so meaningful time of year. Over the years, Santa has become the human… Continue Reading

Wind in the Sky – A Poem

THE WIND IN THE SKY In the chill of November, The beauty of May, Be it city or forest, she finds her way. Hear the dawn’s hush in winter, See the moon in her eyes, Her map the Aurora, or as the crow flies. The cold air blows gentle as she brushes the lie From… Continue Reading

A Mountain School Christmas

When my mother was a girl she would walk up the road every weekday morning with her siblings and friends to the old Mountain School, a traditional one-room schoolhouse in Gray Rapids on the Miramichi River in New Brunswick. I’ve grown up listening to stories of how children of all ages and grades learned their… Continue Reading

Finding Yourself Again After Cancer

How we perceive the world is much dependent on how we perceive ourselves. If perception of self is jeopardized, so too is the life force – the spirit. Women diagnosed with cancer are unwilling witnesses to its debilitating affects. The core of self enters a limbo state; a realm of darkness. The change in appearance… Continue Reading

Holiday Raffle in support of NB Summer Music Festival

Each year the New Brunswick Summer Music Festival brings the best in classical chamber music to Fredericton, performed by Canada’s most talented artists. To support the Festival, a number of years ago Bruno Bobak generously donated the original and a limited edition of 100 prints of his work, “Blissfield Pool”. We are selling raffle tickets… Continue Reading

The Importance of New Beginnings

You reach a certain stage in life when it seems there are more endings than beginnings. In his epic book, Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill says that most people have given up their dreams by mid-forties. There are many ways to die. I got thinking about this as I sat parked in front of… Continue Reading

Vince Mullin, on Life, Work, and Happiness

Vince Mullin fills his downstairs workshop with a welcoming presence. Sitting back in a worn chair, next to a guitar still under construction, and farther down, a myriad of other stringed instruments in various states, it’s obvious that he’s a busy man. Outside, the nighttime sounds of King George Highway compose a distinctive soundtrack for… Continue Reading