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The World is Coming to Moncton

Mosaiq Preparations are in high gear for the Mosaiq Multicultural Festival 2013, which will take place July 19 & 20, in downtown Moncton. Volunteers and organizers are hard at work planning the 9th edition of the festival, which will feature free concerts on the International Stage, arts & crafts as well as a variety of ethnic food in the World Village, and a Kids’ Pavilion, which will include a number of activities for children of all ages.

“It is important for us to provide something for everyone,” says Sara Robinson, Event Organizer for Mosaïq 2013. “We hope to bring in some new faces this year, thanks to a variety of new activities and an exciting line-up of artists.” Among the proposed plans are an International Beer and Wine Garden, which would be opened in the evenings, as well as a Kids’ Afternoon, including children’s entertainers and some inflatable games.

“Mosaïq is the perfect time for individuals and families of all backgrounds to come to Main Street and discover the vibrancy and the diversity of the multiculturalism of our communities, right here in Moncton,” says Mario Bourgeois Leduc, Event Chair. “Every year, visitors of Mosaïq are often surprised to learn just how many different cultures there are in the Greater Moncton area.” The festival also features workshops, both before and during the event, to help promote a healthy dialogue regarding multiculturalism.

“The Mosaïq Multicultural Festival is an exciting event for Moncton that highlights the diversity in our city and our region,” adds Moncton Mayor George LeBlanc. “The City of Moncton is proud to work in partnership with MAGMA to present this wonderful multicultural celebration.”

The festival has been growing exponentially since its inception by the Multicultural Association of the Greater Moncton Area (MAGMA) in 2004. In 2010 on the occasion of the IAAF World Track and Field Championships, the City of Moncton teamed up with MAGMA to present a larger more impressive multicultural celebration. The festival took on the new brand of Mosaïq Multicultural Festival, which was successfully launched to a receptive audience providing the event with important recognition on the regional, national and international stage. The production partnership continues as both organizations align their respective resources and community contributors to annually showcase this amazing mosaic of cultures.

For more information visit www.mosaiqmoncton.ca

The Wiggles Final Tour Coming to Saint John

The original Wiggles final tour rolls into Saint John’s Harbour Station on October 14, 2012.

The Wiggles, the fast-dancing, fun-loving Fab Four from Down Under, are coming to Harbour Station in Saint John, NB on October 14th with their brand new show “Celebration”, which will reunite Original Yellow Wiggle Greg Page with Anthony, Jeff, and Murray for their final tour together as the original Wiggles.

After 21 years of entertaining and educating children around the globe, Red Wiggle Murray Cook, Yellow Wiggle Greg Page and Purple Wiggle Jeff Fatt have decided to hang up their trademark coloured jerseys to a new generation of Wiggles starting in 2013.

The Wiggles have entertained children throughout the world for over two decades and are bringing all the excitement and joy of their movies and television shows right before your eyes, live on stage! Come celebrate with Anthony, Greg, Murray, and Jeff! Harbour Station in Saint John will be their only New Brunswick appearance.

After 2012, Jeff, Murray and Greg will hand over the purple, red and yellow skivvies to a new generation of performers to instead take on backstage creative roles. Anthony will continue on stage as the Blue Wiggle alongside Emma Watkins, Lachlan Gillespie, and Simon Pryce, who have been handpicked by the group to become the Yellow, Purple, and Red Wiggles.

Emma, Lachy and Simon will join the original members of The Wiggles on the road for their Farewell tour. After that they will pull on the yellow, purple, and red skivvies and join Anthony on stage so that The Wiggles can continue to entertain and delight a new generation of children.

“We want to thank all our Wiggly fans– it’s been a great ride in our big red car. We are really looking forward to saying farewell and having one last dance with everyone during the tour,” Jeff said.

The Wiggles are strong advocates for a healthy lifestyle and are excited to bring their positive messages for all ages, to 17 cities across Canada and the North East United States this October. Stops include: Toronto, Hamilton, Washington DC, New York, Boston, Halifax, Saint John, Ottawa, London, Oshawa, Sault Ste Marie, Thunder Bay, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver.

Come and wiggle in the aisles for “The Wiggles Celebration – The Final Shows Together of Anthony, Greg, Jeff and Murray.”  The Wiggles are excited to bring their highly interactive, fun and educational message throughout Canada. Audience participation features include:

· Start the fun at home by creating a giant wiggly sign to bring to the show.
· Having fun with your favorite wiggly pal as they sing and dance through the audience.
· Dress up as your favourite character.
· Yelling “Wake up, Jeff!” whenever the loveable Purple Wiggle falls asleep onstage.

Children can have even more wiggly fun while they wait for the show by visiting www.thewiggles.com.au, The Wiggles’ very own virtual world created specifically for pre-schoolers and their parents. Parents can monitor their child’s progress and have access to premium promotional offers, contests, merchandise discounts and pre-sale Wiggles tickets! You can also follow the gang on Twitter or become a fan of the group’s official Facebook page.

The Wiggles are proud to announce that their Canadian charity partner for October 2012 is UNICEF, receiving 50 cents from every ticket sold. The Wiggles have a long history with UNICEF including being named Goodwill Ambassadors in 2008, donating a special “handwashing” song to UNICEF in honour of Global Handwashing Day, (annually October 15), and the production of their book Travelling the World for UNICEF, available at www.thewigglesshop.com and of which a portion of proceeds is donated to UNICEF.

Tickets are on sale now at the Harbour Station website or call the Box Office at (506)657-1234 or toll free 1-800-267-2800.

SappyFest 7: Everybody Knows This is Nowhere

SappyFest 2012 Teaser from SappyFest on Vimeo.

In just six years, SappyFest has emerged as one of the most exciting and acclaimed independent music festivals in Canada. Run by artists for artists, SappyFest has developed its fanbase and reputation through innovative programming that focuses on creativity and community. The festival’s uniqueness lies in combining the atmosphere of a folk festival, with an eclectic, contemporary lineup, set against the backdrop of Sackville, New Brunswick’s historic downtown.

The undisputed queen and first lady of SappyFest returns with a new band and new songs, Sackville NB, August 3rd – 5th.

SappyFest 7 will take place August 3rd – 5th.

The main stage is presented in the centre of town on the core commercial street, with smaller adjacent venues including an outdoor bandstand, art deco theatre, turn of the century church, Royal Canadian Legion, and a haunted roadhouse, all within walking distance. For three days at the height of summer, this picturesque little maritime town comes alive with a diverse program of independent music complemented by visual art, contemporary dance, readings, a small press fair, screenings, and street market.

SappyFest 7 is excited to announce the addition of Eternal Summers, Each Other, Wet Denim, Alex Durlak, and Light Fires to the 2012 line-up. The festival has also released a promo video for this year’s festival and launched a new website.

Brooklyn, New York’s Eternal Summers with “Wonder” official music video

In addition to the fabulous musical performances, there is a delicate menagerie of other activities to participate in, including: City Mail, Sappy Times, Zine Fair, Street Market, The Talking Exploding Diamond Talk Show, Universal Dawn, Kids Corner Power Jam, Candlepin Bowling, and Cumberland County Softball.

There are special projects by Daniel Barrow, Christine Swintak & Don Miller, Andrew Maize, Jon Claytor, Leanne Zacharius, and Cat Pontoon. Also, expect elocutionary happenings from Ian Roy, Misha Bower, Eric Hill, Vish Khanna, Sean Michaels, Adam O’Reilly, Mitchell Wiebe and more.

The complete line-up of musical performers at SappyFest 7 is:

Alex Durlak, Andre Ethier, Astral Gunk, B.A. Johnston, Baby Eagle & The Proud Mothers, Bad Vibrations, Banded Stilts, Bruce Peninsula, Bry Webb, Caged Animals, Calvin Johnson, Canailles, Christine Fellows, Cold Specks, Cold Warps, Cousins, Del Bel, Deloro, Dog Day, Duzheknew, Each Other, Eamon McGrath, Eternal Summers, Nick Ferrio & His Feelings, Fiver, Frederick Squire & Katherine Maki, Fucked Up, Hey Mother Death, Josephine Foster, Julie Doiron, Katie & The Lichen, Light Fires, Man Forever, Marine Dreams, METZ, Michael Hurley, Mike O’Brien, Mike O’Neill, Mouthbreathers, The Music Tapes, Nap Eyes, Oneida, Ponctuation, Slowdance, Snailhouse, Southern Shores, Steamboat, The Blow, The Pining, Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra, Timber Timbre, Tomboyfriend, Wet Denim, YAMANTAKA // SONIC TITAN, Yellow Teeth

Passes are available online now at www.ticketpro.ca. They are also available at any Ticketpro outlet, or in Sackville at Thunder & Lightning Ltd. (6 Ford Lane, Sackville, NB).

For more information on SappyFest, visit: http://sappyfest.com/

Summer Theatre Program for Kids in Miramichi

Summer theatre programs for kids in the Miramichi region begin on July 9th.

by Glenn Copeland

Curtains up! Light the lights! The joy of live theatre—a way to tell stories that is dynamic and exciting.

This summer Kidplayhouse Productions will be offering a summer theatre arts program for children in the Miramichi region. We’ll sing, dance, act, work with puppets and drumming, and generally have a lot of fun. Children who are interested in theatre production and play writing will have an opportunity to learn more about the nuts and bolts of how a play is put together. And we’ll culminate our time together in a live performance.

For many of us, knowing our children will be having an enjoyable, learning experience is enough. But the truly exciting part of this work for my partner and I, is how the theatre arts can impact a child who is normally never really noticed or worse, who is negatively noticed. Over the last few years, we have witnessed some heart warming, awe-inspiring things, where children have broken through barriers and emerged shining.

First, there was Mohammed. Ten years old, he was labelled as a “behaviour” kid, and spent most of his time looking for ways to aggravate his peers. Most of the adults in his world had written him off as a lost cause. But caught up in the story of a fox trying to find his way into the centre of the earth, he became focused and articulate, and provided a kind of leadership to his fellow actors that many would have previously thought impossible.

Then there was Jane, who self-identified primarily as unable to concentrate and spent time even during school hours in remedial sessions away from school. During the audition process for a particular production, everyone was asked to sing. When Jane sang, the spaced-out girl turned into a diva with a voice that broke our hearts with its beauty. During the rehearsals and performance, we witnessed the metamorphosis of this beautiful young woman.

Hunter was a bit of a wild card. A brilliant young man, he loved to talk fast and use his personal charisma to make himself the centre of attention. He was very literate from an oral perspective, but his reading skills were poor, and he shied away from working with a written script. We wanted to find a way to harness his energy, without squashing his spirit. Given the part of a great leader, he rose to the occasion, spent his break times pouring over his script, and learned how to use his personality in a cooperative way.

Jonathon was so quiet, that it was almost impossible to hear what he was saying. When he enrolled in our classes, we were not exactly sure what to do with him. So we gave him a comedic role. In one short week, he went from being almost invisible to carrying the aura of a rock star. His comedic timing was perfect, and he used the stage like an old pro.

There’s Mary, a grade three student who aced lines written for someone a decade older than she. Melanie, a 12 year old, who overcame her diagnosis of a learning disability, to write a one-act play that brought the house down.

These and the many other children we have had the honour of working with, provide an example of the resiliency of the human spirit, and how theatre arts can bring this spirit forward for all to see. Needless to say, we love our work.

We are honoured to be able to offer three different theatre arts programs for children in the Miramichi area this summer. If your kid is already a “ham” or a “natural”, or if your kid just wants to have fun acting, dancing, singing, playing with puppets and helping out behind the scenes, then register him or her for Kiplayhouse Productions Summer Theatre Arts Program today. The first session begins July 9. For more information about Kidplayhouse, and the summer theatre programs, give us a call, or go to http://kphproductions.com/summerprograms.html

Oh yes, and we’re taking them to perform at the Irish Festival and on Middle Island later in the summer. You could be in for a big surprise.

Glenn Copeland

Glenn Copeland is the Director of Kidplayhouse Productions and has over 30 years experience working creatively with both children and adults. As an actor, composer and performer who regularly appeared on shows like Mr. Dress-up, Sesame Street, and PBS’s Shining Time Station, Glenn impacted a generation of children. Along with a career in adult music, Glenn continued to create programs for children partnering with organizations such as ParticipAction and The Toronto Board of Education.

Colouring Fun for Kids

We’re full of the Christmas spirit this year at Bread ‘n Molasses and we thought we’d pass it on! So here’s a wonderful little holiday activity you can share with your kids. Click on the picture of the gingerbread house below to make it bigger, then print out as many copies of the drawing as you’d like to share with your children. Hours of colouring fun awaits as they can practice their creativity on several houses! We’d love to see some of the finished colourings too. You can scan the finished masterpiece and send it back to us if you like. Or the technologically savvy kids can click to enlarge the picture, and right click to save it to their computer. Then open it in Paint or a similar program and colour it electronically then send us your finished file … who knows, maybe your child’s colouring will be published on Bread ‘n Molasses! Merry Christmas! Enjoy!


Le Pays de la Sagouine Announces 2011 season

The 2011 season of Le Pays de la Sagouine in Bouctouche has been announced! Le Pays de la Sagouine opens to the public from Sunday, June 26, to Sunday, September 4, 2011. This year at Le Pays created by Antonine Maillet: celebrating the 40th anniversary of La Sagouine, a new house band, new actors and characters on l’Île-aux-Puces, dinner theatres, shows for kids, and so much more!

Le Pays de la Sagouine welcomes a new artistic director, Luc LeBlanc. Well known as the actor who has embodied the role of Citrouille for a number of years, Mr. LeBlanc is delighted to be able to contribute in a new way to the world of l’Île-aux-Puces: “Le Pays de la Sagouine is an ongoing love story for me… a place for the fantastic, an outstanding team, and a sincere and loyal audience. It just wasn’t possible to say no to this new adventure as artistic director… As Citrouille says this year, ‘the sky’s the limit!’” Continue Reading

Full Schedule Festival acadien de Caraquet

Grosses têtes

Visual arts exhibition Mordre la lumière self – portrait
Bernard Jean Art Gallery – Caraquet Cultural Centre

Tuesday, August 3, 2010
11 am – noon: Songwriting workshop for children with Mario Chenart
TPA rehearsal hall – Caraquet Cultural Centre – Tickets: $10

8 pm: Jazz with Steve Amirault followed by Hot guitars Mario Chenart & John McGale
Caraquet Cultural Centre – Adults: $16/Students and seniors 65+: $12 (+ box office charge and hall improvement fee)

Continue Reading

Discover the new Frye Festival workshops!

Peter Lanyon, Branding with Integrity workshop.

The Frye Festival offers two new workshops this year! Authors, artists, cultural organizations, and the general public are invited to learn more about How to Get Published and Branding with Integrity. Both workshops, presented in collaboration with Enterprise Greater Moncton, will be offered in English with simultaneous translation.

Also on the program for the 11th edition of Canada’s only bilingual international literary festival: creative writing, poetry writing, and writing workshops for kids. People are invited to buy their tickets for workshops in advance since spaces fill up quickly. Workshops for kids are free. The 2010 Frye Festival will be held in Moncton from April 19th to the 25th.

The challenges of getting published

How to Get Published is presented by industry expert, Brian Henry. It’s open to all of those who dream of professionally publishing their work and do not necessarily know where to start. The workshop is geared towards professional writers, but all are welcomed, amateurs as well as the general public. Henry will cover topics such as finding an agent, getting your short stories published, finding a book publisher, writing a query letter, and how to get a publishers’ attention. Participants are invited to bring a draft of a presentation letter. This workshop will take place on Friday, April 23 on the second floor of the City Grill restaurant in Moncton from 9 am to 12:15 pm. Tickets are $55 and $50 for members of the Professional Writers Association of Canada (PWAC).

Branding with Integrity

The arts community and cultural organizations will surely be interested in hearing what marketing guru, Peter Lanyon, has to say in his workshop Branding with Integrity. The presentation will focus on developing a winning brand to improve its commercial success, but  without losing its authenticity or its specificity. This conference is for artists of all disciplines interested in developing their cultural enterprise through the advice of a marketing expert of international renown. An artist himself, Peter Lanyon has worked in the advertising industry for more 30 years, co-founding two industry-leading Canadian agencies: Cossette Toronto and Lanyon Phillips Communications. In 2009, he wrote and published Life in the Lawn: a PoemGarden, a book and touring exhibition of short poems with paintings by renowned Acadian artist, Raymond Martin. This workshop will be held on the second floor of City Grill restaurant in Moncton, on Friday, April 23rd from 2 pm to 3 pm. Tickets are $10.

Creative and Poetry Writing Workshops

All poets (published and closet!) are invited to get creative with the Frye Festival’s literary workshops. On Saturday, April 24th, a great opportunity to get some writing tips from Canadian experimental poet, Christian Bök. He is the author of Eunoia (Coach House, 2001), a bestselling work of experimental literature, which has gone on to win the Griffin Prize for Poetic Excellence. The poetry workshop will take place on the first floor of Moncton’s City Hall.

On Thursday, April 22nd, join creative writing professor, Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer for a fiction writing workshop. On the same day, France Cayouette will offer a French workshop on the Haiku. International bestselling author Steven Galloway will offer a fiction workshop on Friday, April 23rd and New Brunswick poet, Robert Moore, will host a poetry workshop while Quebec author, Christiane Duchesne, will present a creative writing workshop in French. All these workshops are to be held at the Moncton Public Library.

And for the kids

The Frye Festival always offers writing workshops for youngsters during KidsFest (Saturday, April 24th). Author Nancy Wilcox Richards will lead the workshop Publish your own book for kids 8 to 12 years old and poet Guy Marchamps will present a writing workshop for children aged 8 to 10, in French. Both workshops will be held at the Moncton Public Library. There is no need to register, both workshops are free.

People can buy their tickets for the various Frye Festival workshops at www.tickets.moncton.ca or by calling 506.857.4100. Workshops are $10, except for How to Get Published workshop, with Brian Henry, which is $55 and $50 for PWAC members.

For more information regarding the 11th edition of the Frye Festival and its program:  www.frye.ca.