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Horizon Health Network Releases Summer Edition of Vibrant

Horizon is pleased to announce it has released its summer edition of Vibrant, an electronic health and wellness magazine designed to support Horizon’s vision of leading for a healthy tomorrow. The 24-page electronic magazine provides useful and practical information that will help individuals make more informed choices for a healthier lifestyle and is available on… Continue Reading

Horizon Health Network Board Corporate Summary April

1. Horizon’s volunteer services enhance patient care Volunteers are an important and vital component of Horizon. On a daily basis, over 3500 volunteers and members of Auxiliaries and Alumnae enhance the care and service provided to the clients of Horizon. They also provide an opportunity for citizens of each community to be involved in their… Continue Reading

Help children play safe outside

Winter offers a lot of different activities for children, but the cold temperatures and slippery or hard surfaces they play on require special attention to keep children safe outside. Dr. Rody Canning, chief of pediatrics at The Moncton Hospital, part of Horizon Health Network, says that it is important to keep your children safe when… Continue Reading

Roof Snow Removal Safety

As a result of the large amount of snow that has fallen in New Brunswick, more individuals are being treated in emergency departments for injuries related to shoveling snow off of rooftops. In the months of January and February in the greater Moncton area, 15 rooftop snow removal injuries including a broken back, ankles, feet,… Continue Reading

Stay warm – and healthy – this winter

Extreme cold is a common part of New Brunswick winters and emergency departments across the province see victims of hypothermia and frostbite every year. “The best way to ensure you don’t suffer from either condition is to avoid going outside in extreme temperatures whenever possible. If it is necessary to go out, wear warm clothing,… Continue Reading

February 2011 Horizon Health Network Board Corporate Summary

Horizon Health Network’s Population Health Promotion – Chronic Disease Management strategy Horizon Health Network recently formed a Population Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Management Department to improve the health and well-being of individuals and communities and to contribute to the sustainability of our provincial health-care system. The department’s mandate is to provide leadership to Horizon… Continue Reading

Safeguard Against Winter Concussions

Sports like hockey, skiing, recreational skating, sledding or snowboarding are great ways for children and adults to stay in shape and healthy during the winter months, but like any activity, there is the chance of injury. One particularly serious but preventable injury is a concussion which is a brain injury that affects the way you… Continue Reading

Women’s Conference a Success

On Wednesday, May 12, Sue Johanson, sex educator and counselor was in Miramichi to speak at the 5th annual Women’s Wellness Conference and a grade nine education presentation. Johanson is a registered nurse who educates audiences across Canada on the complex topics of love, relationships and sex. Continue Reading