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The Hat

The Hat By Elynne Chaplik-Aleskow It started as a typical first class session of the new semester. Twenty-five faces were staring at me with the fear of college students who would prefer to be anywhere in the world other than a Communication class. As I looked back at them with all the empathy I could… Continue Reading

Going Fishing

Going Fishing  By David J. Boyle July is traditionally the best month to go salmon fishing on the mighty Miramichi River. The big run has come in from the Atlantic and there are plenty of fish in the pools along the main river. After lunch I went down to the river and found a nice… Continue Reading

I Am Now a Pencil

I Am Now a Pencil By Joseph Vermette I am now a pencil . . . but I began life a full two centuries ago as a tree. Oh, the things I saw, the revolutions I witnessed! You would probably be loath, as a human, to exist as a towering inanimate object, but I can tell… Continue Reading

The Telephone Pole Melee

The Telephone Pole Melee by Christopher Clunas A pileated woodpecker hammers the telephone pole. A flicker of black passing by the window caught my eye. Probably just a crow, I thought. But then a familiar sound—a loud kik kik kik kik kik—caused me to stop my work. A pileated woodpecker was nearby. I stood up… Continue Reading

Three Poems

Three Poems By M.S. McLeod   Understanding Understanding seeps across the room                                                                                                like warm blood, coagulating around the shapes hunched over the desks, waiting for the light to click on in the brains thirsty for answers.   Erasure Slowly, very slowly, bits and pieces that are part of the person you have been begin to… Continue Reading

The Wicked Tide

The Wicked Tide by Christina Decarie When Sal’s body finally washed ashore, he was all torn up. “From the grapplin’ hooks,” the fishermen said. “They just didn’t get a good grip of him, is all. But they grazed ‘im. Right where that capon crowed.” And the fishermen nodded and looked at each other knowingly. But… Continue Reading

Grand Falls, Unassuming

Grand Falls, Unassuming The Wheels on the Bus by Alexandra Chasse October 27, 2005 — Not long after we arrived in the States from Germany last April, my husband began the tricky task of scouring the Internet for affordable, solid housing here in Washington, DC. After a couple of weeks of Web searches, phone calls,… Continue Reading


U-Turn By Gary R. Hoffman Clark Charles went to work for a heating and air conditioning company as soon as he graduated high school. After five years, he quit Quint Brother’s Heating and Air and opened his own shop. He had been very successful with his own business. But, like many other people in his… Continue Reading

Creative Writing Workshop in Miramichi

Creative Writing Workshop in Miramichi Bread ‘n Molasses Editor, Kellie Underhill, will lead a creative writing workshop at the South West Miramichi Access Centre in Blackville, NB, on Thursday, September 8th. “We are honoured to have Kellie, with her expertise in creative writing, conduct a public workshop at our centre,” said Mary McCormack, Centre Manager.… Continue Reading

Bread ‘n Molasses Wants You

Bread ‘n Molasses Wants You That’s right! We want you. Bread ‘n Molasses is looking for new and interesting content to inform and entertain our readers and we think you can help. Non-fiction or fiction, prose or poetry, artwork or graphic design, photograph or film, spoken word or music recording — if we can put… Continue Reading