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Geraniums By Judy Bowman                                                                                                              When I think about geraniums, what hits me first is the smell. The scent strikes your senses in exactly the same way that biting into tin foil does. The next thing is memory. My other mother, Christine, grew geraniums, bright red, saucy ones and African violets, exotic succulents with fur. From… Continue Reading

Dangerous Encounter

Dangerous Encounter By Bonnie Jarvis-Lowe                                                                                                     I thought my eyes were deceiving me. It was a dull, autumn afternoon, the car radio was playing a favourite tune of mine, groceries were bought for a special supper and it seemed to be a nice time to have the day off duty. But as I approached the intersection… Continue Reading

Percy Packrat’s Christmas Star

Percy Packrat’s Christmas Star By Jacinta It’s suppertime. Quick as a flash, Percy is out of the mouse hole. He returns, pushing a green grape across the floor with each paw and clenching another between his teeth. Momma mouse claps her paws in delight, saying, “Goodie. We’ll have grapes for dessert.” Poppa mouse looks disgusted,… Continue Reading

Fergie’s Christmas Adventure

Fergie’s Christmas Adventure By Jacinta Fergie Frog lived in a pond on Larson’s farm.                           Outside the pond was danger and harm. His tongue was a bug zapper, his croak so small, But Fergie always had fun; life was a ball.   His parents told him to never roam; Never leave his froggie home. They were… Continue Reading

Phineus Foundation

The Phineus Foundation By Myrna Beth Lambert                                                                                                         Mrs. Phineus, a kind and gentle old woman, lived alone on the ground floor of a senior citizen apartment on Chicago’s north side. Her only communication with the outside world was her radio and her telephone, a rather large phone, the size of a paperback book. She needed… Continue Reading

Five Christmas Trees

Five Christmas Trees By John T Jones, PhD Things were sad at our house when our nineteen-year-old sister died in June of 1940. Her name was Alice. She contracted polio when she was a three-year-old. Alice wore braces until she was in her teens. I spent more than one morning trying to repair the leather… Continue Reading

The Making of a Home

The Making of a Home  By Debbie Walls The smell of Holiday baking, Christmas music, visiting of family and friends—these are all part of holiday traditions in most Miramichi homes—including Mount Saint Joseph Nursing Home. The Mount, built in 1975 is “home” to131 residents who require level 3 Long Term Care. To most people, entering… Continue Reading

The Hat

 The Hat By Elynne Chaplik-Aleskow It started as a typical first class session of the new semester. Twenty-five faces were staring at me with the fear of college students who would prefer to be anywhere in the world other than a  Communication class. As I looked back at them with all the empathy I… Continue Reading