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A Poem – Canada Geese

Canada Geese by Donna Rideout The geese have been absent throughout the summer, Charged with the occupation of bringing up goslings Awaiting the arrival of their flight feathers So that they could be taught to fly in formation And prepare for travelling south with all of their family Each fellow traveler honks excitedly, encouraging the… Continue Reading

Third Annual Fish Release

The Atlantic Salmon Museum in Doaktown, NB, is pleased to let you know they we will be having their annual fish release on Saturday, October 23rd.  Help them release their fish buddies to the Southwest Miramichi River. They will be having their last barbeque of the season and their annual end of the season sale… Continue Reading

Submission Call & Deadlines

12 Days of Christmas Bread ‘n Molasses magazine is gearing up for its annual holiday extravaganza “12 Days of Christmas” online! If you have a story (true or fiction), poem, photos, videos, songs, paintings, or any other work on a Christmas theme send it to us and your work might be featured on our website… Continue Reading

Poem – Signs

Signs Slowly, very slowly, it’s moving in, unnoticed ’til the sun uncovers it with its light in gold Lurking there betwixt the lush of green Is a hint of change, ruby red, and bold A challenge thrown to a season growing old As another arrives to take its place in line The green of the… Continue Reading

Environmental Art / Landscape Management Course

Creating Natural Structures for the Garden This two day workshop at the Nova Scotia Agricultural College is for people who want to learn about the creation of garden items from natural materials. It is an opportunity to learn how to lead groups in creating natural garden structures using living willow. The Instructor: Deb Hart, a… Continue Reading