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Poem: Fall Run

Fall Run The rivers still run Through my mind As one violent force: Mira; Margoree; Miramichi; St. Mary’s; Mersey- When the days became short and cold And Septembers’ rain made the rivers rise, The Salmon began their Fall Run. Before sunrise my mother crept Into my room, Shook my shoulders and whispered- “Get ready”. My… Continue Reading

Hanging On

Hanging On by Jules Keenan The crisp, morning October wind blows against my fragile body. I shiver from the breeze. I can already feel it happening, it will soon be my time, to join my brothers, down below. The wind blows again, more powerful than before. I start to shake, not just from the wind,… Continue Reading

A Poem, Displaced

Displaced I used to wander along the shore, gathering seashells… whimsical treasures left behind by the ebbing tide. And if I was lucky I’d chance upon mermaid’s tears poking out of the sand like sparkling gems! I’d stuff my pockets with Neptune’s gifts and climb the ancient cement steps of the lighthouse thinking its comforting… Continue Reading

Applications Submissions for Messtival 6 Now Open

It’s that time of the year again! Moncton’s own TBA Collective is now accepting music applications submissions for Messtival 6, the annual mustache themed arts and music festival happening in Anagance, NB on August 9-11, 2013. Bands, DJs, artists and volunteers interested in submitting an application can do so at Celebrating its sixth year,… Continue Reading

Lessons My Mother Taught Me

by Stacy Underhill “Never put off until tomorrow, what you can do today.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this growing up, and it still rings true to me today. Some nights when I’m tempted to leave the sink full of dishes or leave a project incomplete and say, “I’ll finish that… Continue Reading

The Thrill Of The Catch

by Lura Somers Atlantic Salmon fishing is a big event on the Miramichi. Every year fishermen come from all over North America to fish and enjoy the river. Growing up in the area, I was vaguely aware of this taking place every spring, but it never occurred to me that I too, could become an… Continue Reading

Miramichi River Guide Call for Submissions

Calling all photographers and writers who love the Miramichi region! Mighty Community Group is now accepting submissions for their annual Miramichi River Guide to be distributed throughout the Miramichi this year for tourists and locals alike. If you have some fabulous photos of the area; a favourite local recipe; knowledge about local history; a favourite… Continue Reading

My Woodland Adventure

My Woodland Adventure by Lura Somers It was a sunny afternoon in January, for the sun had decided to come out and it poured down from the sky. One could feel the warmth of its rays on your back. It gave the world around a promise of the spring to come. The glistening snow hurt… Continue Reading

W(here) Festival Call for Submissions

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS Walking in Place: Field Trips in Pictou County W(here) Festival* June 26-30 2012 Deadline February 21 As part of the W(here) Festival, community members and local artists are encouraged to submit an idea for a field trip or performative walk in Pictou County, NS. Field trips may take place anywhere and… Continue Reading