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Play Ball! Register for Miramichi Minor Ball Association

Miramichi Minor Ball Association (Miramichi Cardinals) announced registration sessions for the 2011 season will happen over three sessions in the next few weeks. Times and locations are: Saturday, April 23rd – 10am until Noon – Douglastown Community Centre Saturday, April 30th – 10am until Noon – Lindon Recreation Centre Thursday, May 5th – 6pm until… Continue Reading

My Examination Tap Dance

My Examination Tap Dance by Bonnie Jarvis-Lowe Bonnie Jarvis-Lowe’s school photo. I have always suffered with exam anxiety. This condition has caused me hair-raising moments, physical ailments and absolute horrors of the mind. What escapes me is why? I recall a day in grade nine when I was so physically sick I could scarcely wait… Continue Reading

PFLAG: a community of support in New Brunswick

PFLAG: a community of support in New Brunswick by Janet Hammock   “Hello?”      Silence. “Hello?” “…Ummm, hi…” “Hi!” “…Uh…. is this, uh, PFLAG?” “Yes. Can I help you?” “Ummm… I don’t know. I saw your number in the paper…” “OK. Right. (Pause) Are you thinking about coming to a meeting?” “I don’t know.  I don’t know…” Silence.… Continue Reading

Close to Home

Close to Home by Valerie Poulin I imagined the headline in my travel diary. The entry would read: On Wednesday, October 11, 2006, a plane flew into an apartment building in Manhattan, New York.   In town on a break from a particularly gruelling writing contract and looking to connect later that night with a small… Continue Reading

It’s All About Love

It’s All About Love by Jeannine Watson We are creatures of love and affection, even in the worse of us are tiny fragments of wonderful treasure. Treasure that subsists but remains dormant, sometimes demonstrated at the most unexpected times. In the rush of everyday living, still always, love is the deep needed goal of our lives.… Continue Reading

The Only Available Option

The Only Available Option By Tammy Scott-Wallace It’s a feeling of shame Lily still finds hard to talk about.   Not shame in the sense that she was an unmarried mother when she handed her little bundle over to near strangers almost 50 years ago, but a shame that she could have gone through with… Continue Reading

A Melody of Memories

A Melody of Memories By Bonnie Jarvis-Lowe John Denver’s song Back Home Again is both a favourite, and definitely unforgettable song for me. For years John Denver’s song has given me many recollections of my life’s journey. The song has  followed me along life’s road with words that are still applicable to me and words… Continue Reading

Rockin’ Grandma

Rockin’ Grandma by Sandra Reed I’ve been off my rocker for many years now, but that all changed today. I was shopping for an armchair for my living room—a La-Z-Boy or a wingback—when I literally tripped over a rocking chair. It was a beauty—solid maple with carved spindles and a paisley print seat cushion that ran… Continue Reading

My Father’s Eyes

My Father’s Eyes By Bonnie Jarvis-Lowe Dad, when his blue eyes sparkled! The work day was over and I jumped into my car ready to run all the necessary errands on my list. Immediately I was struck by the smell of leather. The leather seats, after sitting for a day in the sun-filled car, had… Continue Reading

Poppy Lowe’s Masterpiece

Poppy Lowe’s Masterpiece By Bonnie Jarvis-Lowe Abram Lowe Abram Lowe, known by most people as Abe or Uncle Abe, was born in Shoal Harbour, Trinity Bay in 1901. His father was John Lowe, who had moved his family from Hants Harbour to Shoal Harbour in the late 1800s. Abram Lowe is known as Poppy Lowe… Continue Reading