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2nd Day of Christmas

Jenna’s Christmas Dinner By Myrna Beth Lambert The year was December 24th, 1952. My father, Uncle Joe and I were standing outside of Mama’s hospital room discussing Christmas dinner. We had always upheld certain traditions during the Christmas holidays. Til this day the smells of Christmas dinner fill me with delight … I loved the… Continue Reading

From Heaven to Grandma's House

Darlene’s Tea House by Kellie Underhill Much has been written about Darlene’s Tea House on the Barnettville Road just outside the village of Blackville. The turn of the century building, with its hardwood walls and floors, filled with antiques, fine china teacups, lace and hand-embroidered tablecloths, was once a country store at the centre of… Continue Reading

Submission Call & Deadlines

12 Days of Christmas Bread ‘n Molasses magazine is gearing up for its annual holiday extravaganza “12 Days of Christmas” online! If you have a story (true or fiction), poem, photos, videos, songs, paintings, or any other work on a Christmas theme send it to us and your work might be featured on our website… Continue Reading

Recipes for Thanksgiving

With Canadians celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend, Joan Cripps of Chatham, NB, shares some delicious recipes you might like to try for your family gathering. Pilgrims Delight Pumpkin Pie Soak 3 oz of pecans in 1/2 cup maple syrup for 1 hour. Pour pecan mixture into 9 ” uncooked pastry shell, pressing pecans firmly into shell.… Continue Reading

The Role of Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Optimal Health

The Role of Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Optimal Health by Dr. Jason Plotsky There has been a lot of “buzz” lately around the importance of omega-3 fatty acids in the treatment and prevention of many diseases. They have been shown to protect the heart from cardiovascular disease, protect against Alzheimer’s and depression, and reduce inflammation… Continue Reading

Ask a Dietician — Foods that Prevent Illness

Ask a Dietician — Foods that Prevent Illness Question:  Are there some foods that can prevent illnesses? Foods that offer additional health benefits other than basic nutrition are known as functional foods. These foods contain a naturally present biologically active component that is believed to decrease the risk of developing a chronic disease. Some of… Continue Reading

Sizzling Grill Recipes for Summer

And finally after weeks and weeks of cloudy skies with a constant downpour, summer comes to the Maritimes in all its sunny, humid and mosquito-infested glory. Just in time to head out into the backyard, relax on the patio and put Grampie to work at the BBQ. There are a lot of reasons to get… Continue Reading

Ask a Dietician

Ask a Dietician Question: If I use ground beef in a stew instead of beef stew cubes (to reduce cost) will the fat content be increased? To answer this question, I visited the Beef Information Centre and gathered some interesting information. Beef stew cubes can be pretty lean. Actually, all trimmed beef cuts, with the… Continue Reading