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Peace & Love, A Poem by Paula Grattan

Peace & Love Anger surrounds me Frustration too so clear Indifference, Indifference Drowning in Indifference Why don’t they care? Shouldn’t they care? I do, I do Will you care with me? Friend come with me Hold my hand We’ll walk through a field Look at the beauty around us Friend come with me Hold my… Continue Reading

The Paper Cup Diaries

by Paula Grattan Yesterday, as I sat in the shadows of a grand oak tree, I noticed a crushed paper cup twisting in the wind, partnered with dirt and dust swirling in a mini tornado across the walkway. watched it from afar, wondering where that paper cup had been, whose lips it had touched, whose… Continue Reading

A Poem by Paula Grattan

Because of you You nurtured me from day one You loved me before that Wiped away tears when I was sad Bandaged cuts when I was hurt Shown me how to be me How to love what I have Encouraged my uprisings Supported my downfalls Because of you I value family Because of you I… Continue Reading