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A Poem, Sentinel

Sentinel He stands like a sentinel, profound devotion So deeply embedded in his heart He would perish before abandoning The one to whom his soul is forever bound. His keen gaze unwavering, he scans the horizon Watching, waiting, steadfast in his vigil… Time has no meaning for him But a lonely ache grows with every… Continue Reading

A Poem, Displaced

Displaced I used to wander along the shore, gathering seashells… whimsical treasures left behind by the ebbing tide. And if I was lucky I’d chance upon mermaid’s tears poking out of the sand like sparkling gems! I’d stuff my pockets with Neptune’s gifts and climb the ancient cement steps of the lighthouse thinking its comforting… Continue Reading

A Poem by Annabel Sheila

Matilda the Nearsighted Frog She searched the pond for her one true love But the water was murky and deep Tadpoles and minnows taunted her While from lily pad to lily pad she leaped! Matilda was a quite homely frog Huge warts all over the place To make things worse she had very bad eyes… Continue Reading

A Poem – Letter to Mom

Letter to Mom Hi Mom, its me again Just wanted to stay in touch Let you know how much you’re missed And I love you very much! You loved me through my blunders, Lord knows I made a few! But no matter how I messed things up I could always count on you! You instilled… Continue Reading

A Poem – Mother’s Promise

Mother’s Promise I will ever take the lead Bearing the torch that lights your way Through lifes winding path. And should the winds of uncertainty Distinguish the flame, I will take your hand in mine And lead you through the darkness! You will never walk alone, This, my precious child, is a promise… And a… Continue Reading