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Poem — A State of Mind

A State of Mind Lying back in my old recliner I reflect and meditate on what I’ve done or haven’t, and, maybe – why? It’s easy in my solitude as I think about what fate has brought me to this here and now – and – sigh. As one takes on the years, the long… Continue Reading

Poem – Responsibility

Responsibility There was a time, seems so long ago When I felt I had been set aside That no one cared, no man or spirit I walked alone and alone I cried That time now is done and gone I’ve listened and I’ve learned About life and all its vagaries And have that for which… Continue Reading

Ninth Day of Christmas

Christmas Lights, all colours, tinsel of gold Garlands, each pole and post adorn At most every twist and turn Folk all scurrying to and from Friends and neighbours, down the way Shout Merry Christmas! Hear that cry! Deep from the peoples heart and soul The wish that’s echoed far and nigh The spirit of yuletide… Continue Reading

Poem– Yesterday In a Trunk

Yesterday–In A trunk A trunk left in my care many years ago, long deceased, had no family, few friends ******** Photographs and letters, lie untouched A quiet medley of memories of O’ so long ago Faded pictures, cracked with age, so dry Letters, addressed to some I did not know Pencils, pens and empty spools… Continue Reading

Poem – Signs

Signs Slowly, very slowly, it’s moving in, unnoticed ’til the sun uncovers it with its light in gold Lurking there betwixt the lush of green Is a hint of change, ruby red, and bold A challenge thrown to a season growing old As another arrives to take its place in line The green of the… Continue Reading