Poem: Father And Son


Father & Son

My Dad was a living example
Of the way a man ought to be.
I hope one day my kids see
A little of my Dad in me.
I want to be a living example
Of the way we ought to live.
Just like my Dad before me,
I want to be a living example to my kids.
From my very first step
He’s always been there,
With a helping hand
Of compassion and care.
And if there’s anything
I could ever do,
Dad, I want to be like you!
You could wrap up my little feet
In one of your hands.
You used to call me
Your little man.
You told me there’s nothing in life
I couldn’t do.
Well, if that’s true,
Then, Dad, I want to be like you.
I’ve learned from you
The meaning of sacrifice;
To keep integrity of heart
No matter the price.
I’ve learned from you
To live an honest life.
It’s true,
Dad, I want to be like you.
When I see God’s love
In the things you do,
Dad, it just draws me closer to you.
I feel like I know
God in a deeper way.
It’s God as Father that I see
When you reveal His heart to me.
Dad, it’s true,
I long to be just like you
I know you’re not perfect in every way,
Yet you’re humble enough
To take me and say
You make mistakes.
You tell me you need Christ in your life,
And it’s as you follow Him
That you teach me what’s right.
It’s true,
Dad, I admire that honesty in you.
You’ve been a beautiful example to me
Of what a man of God ought to be.
I hope one day
That I can teach my son too,
Just like you.
Dad, I love you.

© John Brewer, 12/25/2003

DSC00022.JPG John Brewer is a part-time writer and full time observer. He tries to communicate the life he sees around him in ways that slip past the mind and lodge themselves in the heart.