SappyFest Rescue Mission

SappyFest book of memories will help keep the dream alive.
SappyFest book of memories will help keep the dream alive.

SappyFest was just an idea in early 2006. Two hundred and fifty people showed up for that idea and those 250 people made SappyFest, the little independent music festival produced annually in Sackville, New Brunswick, a reality.

Now SappyFest is looking for 250 people to come together and support the idea of SappyFest again. This time by helping to create SappyForever, a unique and beautiful coffee table book of memories and dreams that came true.

In many ways SappyFest 8 was the best festival yet, but it was not a financial success. This was due in part to their aversion to corporate sponsorship and their commitment to their vision of a creative and inclusive space. Unfortunately SappyFest 8 was about 100 people short of breaking even, and the little festival is $15,000 in debt.

SappyFest’s black dot is a reality but they have not given up hope. They have a plan. It is called SappyForever.

The festival is asking 250 people to buy a beautiful, hard cover archive of SappyFest for $100. They hope to raise $25,000 to pay off their debt from the great festival they just put on, with the additional $10,000 covering the production and publication of SappyForever. This 160 page collection will include photos, essays, memories and a visual history of the art and design that has come to define the best days of summer for all SappyFest goers.

They will also be donating a copy to a library in every province and territory in Canada.

SappyFest is inviting each donor to contribute a photo of themselves or their friends at SappyFest to be included in a “Presented by” section. This book is for all who were there, or wanted to be there, and who believed Swamp Magic could happen.

“This has been an incredibly difficult year for our organization. It may take time for SappyFest to rebuild, but we are committed to do so,” writes Team Sappy on their indiegogo fundraising page.

This will also mark the last year that co-founders Paul Henderson and Jon Claytor will serve as artistic and creative directors. They will assist in the transition, passing on the torch to an amazing group of young people ready and willing to bring SappyFest into the future.

SappyFest has been a labour of love and a privilege for all who have been involved. So many of you have already given so much blood, sweat, tears and time to making the festival a success. The future is ambiguous and exciting and it depends on you,” Team Sappy says.

“Are there 250 people out there ready to support this beautiful idea, this indelible memory and this ambiguous future? We hope so. We have our hopes up. We believe and we hope you do too.”

To order your copy of SappyForever for $100 or to contribute any other amount to this fundraising mission, visit the SappyFest indiegogo page.