Hannah’s Tea Place Opens for Third Summer with 12 Year Old Hostess

Spencer Murgatroyd
Spencer Murgatroyd portrays Hannah Ingraham.

Spencer Murgatroyd is poised to open her business, Hannah’s Tea Place, for its third consecutive summer.

Spencer has served herbal and iced teas with cookies to hundreds of patrons of the Fredericton Region Museum over the last two years while portraying Hannah Ingraham, a Loyalist girl featured in one of the museum’s exhibits.

She was excited to start the season off with a bang on Canada Day. She offered patrons of the museum the opportunity to relax on the museum’s balcony while watching the day’s events unfold below in Officer’s Square.

Spencer has also initiated a knitting endeavour. She would like to begin knitting Preemie hats, on a loom as Hannah Ingraham may have, to be donated to the Everett Chalmers Hospital at the end of the summer. She invites all knitters to join her on the balcony, where supplies will be offered to those patrons willing to help in her effort to donate 100 hats.

When asked about the new initiative she replied, that she was “excited and looking forward to people coming to the museum to knit with [her.]”

Hannah’s Tea Place is operating, as it has the last two years, on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 1 pm to 4 pm, and Culture Crawl evenings.

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