Shadow Puppetry Exhibit at Fredericton Region Museum

Miguelina Izaguirre
Miguelina Izaguirre

Miguelina Izaguirre, a local artist, has applied and been recruited by the Fredericton Region Museum to provide interactive programming in its exhibit space, starting on Canada Day.

Miguelina has been a Fredericton resident for several years now and has recently started up her own theatre company, Peekaboo Shadows Theatre, with the help of her husband, Alejandro Gerones. The company tells stories and interprets history using the art of shadow puppetry, an art form that she has adapted to be incredibly interactive and fun for the children.

Having already taught art and artistic expression for over ten years in Colombia, and acted with several troupes in her home country of Cuba, Miguelina Izaguirre is incredibly knowledgeable about communication through art. She now endeavours to communicate Fredericton’s history to the public in a novel way.

Her performances at the Fredericton Region Museum will centre on the Fredericton Region’s history, and deal primarily with the story of the Coleman Frog, one of the city’s most whimsical historic tales, and the life of Hannah Ingraham, a Loyalist girl.

Miguelina describes both her art form and her time at the museum as a great opportunity to teach others in a different way.

The Fredericton Region Museum collects, preserves and interprets historical information relating to central New Brunswick. It exists as a non-profit organization, supported by the donations of its members. For more information about the Museum, visit their website.