Poem: The Little Manuscript That Never Gave Up

hand-browsing-through-paper The Little Manuscript That Never Gave Up

Pushing and shoving with all her might
She struggled just to see the light
Beneath a pile of crushing books
She wondered if they’d ever look

Polished and tidied, she looked her best
But sadly she looked like all the rest
She had a story she wanted to share
And she hoped someone would notice her there

The slush pile was her greatest fear
Worse than she thought, now she was here
All of the manuscripts vied to be seen
And some of them were really mean

So the little manuscript quietly lay
Until it finally happened one day
An editor rescued her from the pile
And loved her unique and artistic style

Now the little manuscript sits on a shelf
And she’s so very proud of herself
Bound and stitched in the finest book
Now everyone stops to take a look

— Annabel Sheila, Moncton NB