A Poem by Annabel Sheila

Frog-on-a-lillipad Matilda the Nearsighted Frog

She searched the pond for her one true love
But the water was murky and deep
Tadpoles and minnows taunted her
While from lily pad to lily pad she leaped!

Matilda was a quite homely frog
Huge warts all over the place
To make things worse she had very bad eyes
And wore spectacles on her face.

To her things looked good from a distance
But when she drew up near
They didn’t look the same at all
For Matilda the frog I fear.

One day she sat upon a rock
Nestled into a bunch of trees
When along came Joe the bullfrog
Just as handsome as you please.

He bumped into this and banged into that
As he made his way along
Chuckling at the way of things
While he hummed his bullfrog song.

Matilda’s heart did flip flops
For she knew he was the one
She’d never seen a more handsome frog
And he loved to laugh and have fun!

She chased until she caught up with him
On a lily pad wide but thin
She wiggled and wobbled and tried to hang on
But the two of them fell right in!

They swam to the side of the murky pond
And climbed up onto a tree
That was when Matilda observed
The love of her life couldn’t see.

So a perfect match the two of them made
Their love was meant to be.
The homely frog that wore spectacles
And the frog that couldn’t see!

— Annabel Sheila, Moncton NB