Frye Festival Announces Silver Sponsor, TELUS, & New Online Component

frye1 The Frye Festival is thrilled to announce TELUS as a new Frye Festival sponsor for an innovative project that will enrich the Festival’s existing Young Writers Program. As part of its Community Boards funding efforts, TELUS is working with the Festival to present Beyond the Fridge, an online extension of Imagination at Work, which provides students from Kindergarten to grade four with a chance to share their literary talents with family, friends and the public.

TELUS is contributing $7,500 towards the implementation of the Beyond the Fridge program, an online celebration of the writing of students from Kindergarten to grade four, in connection with the Frye Festival’s existing Imagination at Work event.

“TELUS has long been dedicated to doing ‘good’ in communities across Canada, which makes our collaboration that much more important,” says Dawn Arnold, Chair of the Frye Festival. “With Beyond the Fridge, we will continue to encourage our youngest creators to harness their creative talents and let them shine through words and pictures. We are happy to join efforts with TELUS to enrich our shared cultural community, especially as it relates to students.”

Imagination at Work and Beyond the Fridge
Imagination at Work is one of the Festival’s most popular events; it showcases the creativity of our youngest participants. More than 200 children from Anglophone East and Francophone South school districts submit their drawings and texts for this event. Following the week-long exhibit, the works are returned to the students, who put them up on the fridge at home, and not much is done or thought about the program until the next year.

One way to move “beyond the fridge” and extend the event’s market is to create an online presence for the works of art. Each student will be able to view his/her digitalized work on our website and share with family and friends. Schools will also be able to share the link on their own websites, newsletters and social media. Social media will be used to create a whole new market for children’s creativity, empowering students to see the value of their creations and to take pride in what they have accomplished.

About the Frye Festival
The Frye Festival is Atlantic Canada’s largest literary happening. The Frye Festival presents events year-round, culminating in a week of festivities at the end of April. The 14th annual Frye Festival will take place April 22 to 28, 2013 in the Greater Moncton area and will feature 30 local, Canadian and international authors taking part in various events.

Imagination at Work will take place on Saturday, April 20 at 10am at the Blue Cross Centre. The works will be displayed until April 27. Individuals who are interested in submitting the text/artwork of a student (Kindergarten to grade four) may contact Rhéa Manuel at 506.859.4389 or Deadline to apply is March 8, 2013.

More information about the Festival and its mission is available at